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The Harry Potter Hurricane

SO, I’m in the middle of a hurricane right now.. and honestly its not very exciting, I was thinking there was gonna be shit flying everywhere, stores and streets closed, I was gonna run out of water and food and electricity.

BUT… NO.. that didn’t happen. I mean I guess thats a good thing but I was kinda looking forward to a little excitement. I like storms and a little adventure… what can I say. The last hurricane I experienced I went on a run right during the middle of it, yes, super exhilarating and yes, even more of a leg workout than a normal run, and yes, probably really stupid.. but fun.

This hurricane, I didn’t do much to prepare, I really didn’t even know it was coming ’til a few days before and my mom was like, ” do you know there is a hurricane coming?!, you need water, and food, (frantic mom voice)”..list went on. I also didn’t really believe it was coming either, they always make such a big deal about this stuff on the news and then its like ehhh.. obviously this time is no different.

Hey I can’t complain though I got a full day of missed classes out of it woot woot. It’s not that I don’t like learning, it’s just I’ve got better things to do than sit my ass in classroom for sometimes 3 hours at a time. For one thing, I now have a blog to write!

Since it’s raining, which is close enough to snow, I decided to make chicken soup, cuz I mean whats better than chicken soup… during a hurricane? Idk maybe its a new thing, it might catch on.

Anyways…I like snow storms better, usually they are more exciting, and they are the perfect opportunity for chicken soup, this may have been a poor choice, I’m a little warm at the moment. Don’t know if you’ve caught on yet, but I’m a northerner living in the south. Well thats the bite of the day, get it bite, food, little bit of my life.. hah, I’m so punny.. at least I think so… well this is awkward if you don’t.

Bite Me, With Love


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