liver pate with cucumber
Feelin' Myself, My Diary

I’m a Nerd

I still haven’t decided how I’m going to say hello or start my blog posts yet, I’m not sure, do I even start them with anything… Do I start them with a “hi blog” or “whats up guys”? Idk let me know if you have any ideas, cuz I DUNNO..  maybe I don’t even need anything.

ANYYYWAAAYYS… back to the title, yeah I’m a nerd. Fun fact about me: I make websites, yeah all those beautiful commerce sites etc., I can design those. Now your probably wondering  “like what the fuck.. how do you have such a shitty blog then”. Well let me answer that, I started this blog in like two seconds out of just a desire to write, plus pretty sites usually cost some money and I just don’t feel like paying for something when I don’t have to.

I mean maybe one day I’ll make this thing pretty, ugh dang I’m so bad, now I really wanna make this thing pretty, seriously fuck being such a perfectionist. Seriously sometimes it stinks wanting everything to be perfect, nothing ever is.. I need to get over that shit. Man today I am full of swear words. I’m feelin’ HELLA FRISKYY. Hope my man is ready for me tonight. ( if I could put emojis on here there would be the smiling purple devil face)

Back to my website building skills, so today I got a new job, yay go me. Getting a job always makes me feel like a grown ass adult #adulting #paybillsnshit… except not really, my parents still pay my rent and give me money for food. Plus the occasional treat I sneak on amazon with their credit cards.. I’m a terrible human. BUT they love me, so its cool.

But yeah building websites is my shit, it lets me be creative, without having to be good at drawing or painting or sewing… list of skills I don’t have. Although I can draw a pretty good horse and/or unicorn.

I do lines of code ALL the time… NO I said CODE… not coke.. hah.. right?! know cuz its almost close to winter, Its september, who doesn’t like snow?! …

Once again not sure if I’ve adjusted to the southern climate just yet. But whateves’… you know code,  the stuff that is behind all those pretty websites that make them work.. most people don’t.. never mind.

Before I confuse the shit out of you today’s Blondie Bite is my liver paté… calf liver to be exact with celery dipping sticks. Liver is full of Vitamin A! Seriously its sounds so gross but give it a try, your body will thank you! Click on the link for the recipe!

Bite Me, With Love

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