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Shake yo Money Maker

But actually like make it rain… I just got a new job yay! Wanna know what it is?.. of course you do.. It’s a new doggie to take care of! O yeah guess I didn’t mention, for my job, literally, actually how I make money, is taking care of adorable doggies! I do it through this app called Rover, and no I swear this is not marketing for them, I really do love their site. What’s better than connecting people, like me, who want a dog, but don’t want the full time responsibility cuz COLLEGE, with people who have dogs but want to go away on vacation. So yeah I get paid to take care of adorable doggies! Check out rover … I’ll throw a link in here.(i.e click on the “here”)

Ok but you wanna know WHY I’m making money all of the sudden, seriously I might be crazy but don’t judge… I have these indian money blessing inscents(idk how to spell that). NO JOKE! I have been burning 3 everyday for the past two weeks and since then I have gotten two doggies jobs, and a website building job. If your broke GO BUY THESE INSCENTS! I’ll post a pic, also don’t like quote me on this because I’m a total WEIRDO and believe in that type of shit.

Also.. fair warning: more weirdness and universe nonsense… Lately I have been being very grateful and taking my time (practicing patience…I don’t have much hah), and just being a happy person and taking things as they come. I swear thats why all this good stuff has been happening to be lately. I’ve even been practicing anti-stress techniques, you guys don’t know me very well yet, but PHEWWW I used to be a insane crazy stressed out human being.

Anyways just wanted to share some exciting bits of life. I hope your day has been just as exciting. If not… THAT SUCKS.. and you definitely need those fucking money blessing. AND STOP BEING SO STRESSED OUT GIRL!.. I don’t know you .. but I’m sure you are.

Tell me how you know when your stressed out? This will be like a test, can you even tell when your stressed out?! Comment Below!

Anti-stress BlondieBite of the day… Peppermint tea, so you can’t really bite it, but whatever. Calms your digestive system, get on that shit. drink some after your next meal and cool down your system!

Bite Me, With Love

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