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This is a Quickie

No! NOT that type of quickie you PERV. I’ve got 10 mins between now and my next class and I wanna see if there is anything I can come up with in that time. Did you ever do that exercise in your creative writing class where they made you write for like 5 minutes straight?!  ( o yeah, you were probably cool and didn’t choose creative writing as an elective) but actually, Like NO STOPPING. I think I’m gonna do that today, you can see how my mind works. It basically just keeps going and going and going and going…

I’m very excited, well for one thing I drank a draaank with a tsp of matcha in it this morning, so, I’m on like HYPERR DRIVEEE, but I also get a doggie today.. Yay! Doggie for the weekend. I think it’s my livelihood, keeps me happy. O the one thing I’m going to do after I do my quickie.. love how naughty that sounds, is spell check.. no joke couldn’t figure out how to spell livelihood so. But other than that this will be un-edited unchanged nonsense.. your fav right?

But back to the dog thing, more like the animal thing, last night, Richard, my cat. Yes, I have a cat, I actually have two cats and no I did not name them. Or else he would not be named Richard. Slept on my chest it was very cute. I’m not sure if I told you guys yet but I hate cats. Like actually really don’t like them its a love hate thing I swear my next post will probably be about how much I hate him. now your probably like “Why the F@#k  do you have cats then?!?!”. Its not by choice, they are really my husbands.. hah o yeah I’m married.. explanation of that is for another post at another time, at another place.

If you feel like freeing your mind and getting your creative juices flowing, write out your 5 minute quickie in the comments section. I promise it will stop you monkey mind, and no judgements of course!

Peace out its class time, Blondie Bite of the day was my epic jerky ( couldn’t fine em’ on amazon sorry guys!, Thrive Market is another fav of mine though!) that was actually made with beef liver. So good #LOVEIT #tryit

Bite Me, With Love

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