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Hey, like I said this blog was basically gonna be a post of my daily life, you know how I’m feeling, how I’m doing… WELL. Today I came to the realization that I hadn’t written a blog post or wrote in my actual physical journal ( yes, those do still exist) in like a week. And I have been feeling like absolute SHHEE-I-T.

Emotions every where like literally, the other day I spent a good twenty minutes crying to my husband about how much I hate cats. We have two. I was dog sitting and the dog didn’t like the cats, sooo not wanting the dog to be scared.. I put the cats in the cat room.. mwahaha.

It’s really not that evil, they have a place to poo, things to play on, food, water, all the essentials for life. O.k. well maybe they don’t have window ( insert monkey emoji covering eyes). Cats don’t need light do they?.. Aren’t they nocturnal or something. Anyways, my husband wanted to take them out because he wanted to cuddle with them. Most girls would probably swoon and their hearts would just beat right out of their body at the sight of my husband, he’s pretty hot, cuddling a cat.

But nope, not me. I mean, o.k. It is pretty cute when the cat sleeps on his chest and cuddles in his arms, but I mean guys, DOGS, like come on! A little fluffy Pomsky ( mix between a Pomeranian and a husky. ( Note Picture on right hand side). I mean thats just much cuter…

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Back to me bawling my eyes out about hating cats, I seem to have noticed a pattern, whenever I’m tired, or haven’t been giving myself enough time i.e self love routines, my yoga, not using my rumbler roller, basically just not giving my self the love I deserve, I blame it on the cats. I don’t know why but they seem to be what I take my anger out on. I don’t hurt them or anything, I just blame them for shit that is probably my fault or that I could change. Thats why this week is SELF-LOVE week. I’ve decided, not that I can make rules for the world or anything, but its self love week. Everyday I’ll be posting about one of my favorite rituals that makes me feel happy and loved. Follow along!

Thinking about it now it’s slightly comical, I know you don’t know what I look like but just picture a little 20 something year old baling her eyes out and telling her husband how much she hates cats! HAHAH, I actually giggled right now. Laughing at yourself is always a good idea.

The Blondie Bite today isn’t exactly a bite, it’s a swallow. It’s my Apple Cider Vinegar, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, Dichotomous Earth morning tonic. Every damn day. For Realz.. Click HERE for the recipe

Now your turn, I promise you’ll feel better if you share! Do you take out your self-neglect on others, animals or people?! Have you noticed any patterns, like too little time for yourself and grouchiness?!  If so you should probably read along this week or at least get back to doing the things that you know make YOU feel good!

Bite Me, With Love



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