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Rainy Day

It rains a lot here, here meaning the place I live. I don’t have rain boots I have no idea why I don’t have rain boots. Buuuut nope nada. I have none. And today,that is slightly inconvenient. I got places to GOO… like class. Seriously these are the days where I’m  really just like fuckk school man, like no thanks.

So I wore my converse to class, they are sitting at the front of my door now SOAKED and they are white, if I could I would put that adorable monkey emoji where its covering its eyes… good thing I have a dryer, yes shoes can go in the dryer #funfact , #thanks mom.

If you’ve ever walked to class in the rain, I’m sure you aware of that awkward situation where you and another umbrella carrying patron are walking towards each other in tight quarters, you look at each other awkwardly and adjust umbrella height accordingly. Well that happened to me today but, this also happened to me today

Me, yes I used ME at the beginning of the sentence.. fuck off, and another umbrella patron were walking towards each other. It was basically just an assembly line of poor helpless, probably miserable humans who had forgotten their umbrellas walking towards each other, besides me and this other fortunate soul. As we neared each other there was no awkward eye exchange and as we got closer bang.. our umbrellas latched on to each other, allow me to use that basic bitch hashtag #AWKWARD!

Not only had we entangled ourselves I had also smacked the rather good looking dude behind me in the face… lets just say a cringe worthy situation…Luckily we laughed, untangled, and apologized to the dude who got a face full of water, plastic, and whatever else umbrellas are made of.

After class I made it home without any awkward umbrella encounters. I decided it would be a great day to try out a experimental recipe.. mwahaha cue lighting cue thunder.

The Blondie Bite of the day is an allergy-free Pizza! Recipe will be up tomorrow, hint hint its made with zucchini cheese! If you don’t know what zucchini cheese is, its the bomb, check out  A Squirrel in the Kitchen’s recipe. ( also her name is just so fab)

Have you had any experiences that turned awkward just due to some freakin inclement weather? Tell me in the comments, make me laugh! For real though cuz I need things to read, its supposed to rain like this for days!

Bite Me, With Love

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