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Self Love Day Uno

Day Uno, see what I did there, day one, in spanish… I’m learning spanish right now so I like to take the opportunity to practice wherever possible. Pretty good ehh?! But about the title… Today is day 1 of my week long self love series! I know its Tuesday, so starting off a little late but I think just deciding yesterday, that this was going to be a week of self love was a practice of self love in itself. Plus yesterday was meatless Monday and my body always appreciates that!

Today I did a few little self love practices, I’ll start off by telling you some of those and then I’ll go into today’sย Main Event… I knew today was gonna be slightly rough, two exams… need I say more. So this morning as I was studying I gave myself and egg white facial. Whats that you might ask? It is literally exactly what it sounds like. You take an egg white, save the yoke for later… its great for hair health, put it in a bowl, WHIP IT, WHIP IT REAL GOOD, like really I’m not Yoking around. You want it to be sorta frothy, then gracefully apply to your face and neck. Let it dry then wash it off with warm water. Also I forgot to tell you, wash your face first and if you can steam your face for a minute or so to open up those pores then it will be even better!

I also practiced some extreme self love in not allowing myself to go to the gym and do my hard core butt work out. You might think this is the opposite of self love, but not in my case, I LOVE the gym and sometimes go a bit overboard. No matter if I’m tired, If I’m sick, If I can barely walk, I am there, but I am learning that this not the best mentality for my body. I have been sick with a bit of a sinus infection for the past two days and finally felt human again but decided it would be best if I rest up. So I was kind, stayed home, and did a light ab workout instead.

The last little self- love tid bit of the day and then to the main event. Alternate Nostril Breathing. YES, you hear me correctly ALTERNATE NOSTRIL BREATHING. It’s a technique that can help relieve stress by calming the body and making you focus on your breath. I’ll add a how to pg with more info, but heres the condensed How to… Put thumb on right nostril, breath in with left, switch index finger onto left nostril, breath out with right. DO 5 REPS, just like the gym, then switch which side you breath in and out with ๐Ÿ˜‰ pretty simple.

On to… DUN DUN LA LANNN theย main event. I italicize it because literally it is anything BUTT spectactular, it’s not ASS-tonishing, but it is ASS-tonfiying hahah ok ok enough with the butt jokes, they really are fun thought… you guess it, its a coffee enema. Now your either right on board with me, like hell ya girlfriend, or you like what .. the.. flying fuck, you put what WHERE?

Don’t worry when I first heard of this phenomena I was shocked too, I mean I’ve had stuff up my butt before that probably shouldn’t have been there, but coffee really?! After my nutritionist mentioned it, I didn’t have the balls to do it until 3 months later. But man I was so glad when I did! No joke you feel so much clearer and energized and its weird but you feel cleaner, unlike most other butt stuff. Plus it flushing out MAD toxins and ain’t nobody got time for toxins or nasty fermenting food in your intestines #BYE!ย The how to for this deserves it’s own page, due to some troubleshooting tips. If you’ve grown some balls click here to learn more, or click here if you still need some convincing.

In honor of self love, the Blondie Bite of the day, well its not quiet a bite, its a powder, so like a mix in with your fav smoothie type bite, anyways, its Sunpotions Ashwaganda. Great for reducing oxidation and improving your mood. Nobody likes you when your a bitch.

Have you ever tried any form of colon cleansing? Did you like it? Did you notice a difference?! seriously let me know! I’m so curious about other people’s opinions!

Bite Me, With Love



2 thoughts on “Self Love Day Uno”

  1. blondiebites, you are too funny! i read your about page, sardines and avocado indeed – yep, gross to my mind, but whatever turns you on – so I randomly clicked somewhere to find somewhere i could comment – the sardines and avo page had no comment space…

    anyhow thanks for following my blog over @ spaceshipchina!

    I’ll check out yours when i have time ( a rare commodity) — ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Aw thanks Debbie! Im glad you enjoyed my post! I’m new at this whole blogging thing so I love the feed back ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll have to look into the comment space issue thanks for letting me know! Keep up your great posting too โค


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