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Self Love Day 3

So the reason I stopped with the whole practicing spanish thing is honestly because I don’t know how to spell three in spanish, I know how to say it but not how to spell it… so #fuckit.. we are back to english now. But today I’m gonna clue you in on my favorite myofascial release, and no unfortunately it’s not a massage. Remember I’m a broke college student, I don’t got money for that!  Also for those of you who don’t know myofascial release basically just means applying pressure to connective tissue, which will help improve it’s function, it can be painful but you feel so much looser afterwards!

I used to go to a special trainer 2 times a week to work out all the lumps and bumps in my connective tissue! What I’m going to talk about today you may need to work your way up to. I use whats called a rumble roller so I can get really deep into my connective tissues, but if your just starting you may want just the typical foam roller. A foam roller will only cost you like 15 dollars.. way cheaper than a massage plus the benefits you’ll have for basically a life time, are so worth your 15$. If you wanna try them both but don’t feel like dishing out major dough on something that could potentially hurt ( eh hmm rumble roller) try this two pack! The rollers are mini and you get both types for around 30 bucks!

Im not like trying to sell you these things or anything, I don’t own a rumble rolling company.. lol if only.. then I’d be rolling in the dough.. get it haha.. #badjoke.. They really are just so great for the body they have completely changed my range of motion. Don’t quote me but I swear my rumble roller has helped me get ride of cellulite, it could also be my new found love for lifting heavy but I swear that thing helps too!

I did a full series today, meaning I rolled out my entire body. My favorite is to position is like WHOAH…  I place the rumble roller horizontally in reference to my spine, starting at my shoulders and then roll all the way down to my tail bone. I do one kinda fast roll down then work my way to my neck and slowly roll down stopping on any sore spots.

In all honesty the first couple of times you try this you might not like it.. it is a little painful, but think about a good massage, usually those involve a little bit of pain! After your used to these rollers, they become a relaxation/de-stress tool. And for all you FITNESS FREAKS this is great on recovery days! Seriously it will help your muscles recover faster! You can even do a short SESS before and/or after your workouts. I would suggest searching on YouTube for some routines you can do.

But yeah thats what I did on Self Love Day number 3 just rollin’ rollin’ rollin’… a good session can last around an hour. I used to spend an hour somedays with my special trainer just rolling out everything. So I hope I’ve convinced you to give it a try! If you want to know more just click here. It’s a whole article all about foam vs. rumble rolling and their benefits!

The Blondie Bite of the day is some delicious vegan Kale nachos! This isn’t my recipe but I love it click on the link to find some “cheesy” vegan goodness! Don’t be afraid to add your own guacamole to this dish!

Do you rumble or roam roll? Have you even heard of either of these before?!

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