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Self Love Day Dos

Once again practicing my Spanish, I actually have a quiz today, so gotta get as much practice in as I can. I tend to get a little bit stressed when I have tests or quizzes or group projects ( I hate group projects, I hate people…no like not really but sometimes). But back to the self love, gotta love others to love yourself.

So its wednesday… HUMP DAYYY… seriously that was one of my favorite commercials for a long time.. I died every time I saw that. Also on the subject of wednesday.. I am a terrible speller and every time I spell wednesday.. I say it like my head wed- ness-day. That is the only way I can spell it right, is saying it in my head like that. I just hope I never say it out loud like that. How do you spell wednesday or principal.. thats a tough one for me too.. Wow I’m super off topic today.. back to self love. Gotta love my spelling problems too I guess.

Todays day of self love is all about affirmations and reminding yourself what you are good at. I might not be good at spelling but there are plenty of other things I’m good at. For one I am good at making yummy delicious recipes that hopefully you all love! I’m good at staying focused and disciplined when it comes to my healthy lifestyle. I am now good at managing my stress.. most of the time at least, and knowing when I have reached my limits when it comes to anything in my life. That feels good to say.. now jot down a few things your good at, or have gotten better at over the past few months. You can keep it to yourself, you don’t have to share.

Another practice I like to do is something my reiki healer taught me. Yes, I do have a reiki healer, and she is fabulous. If you don’t know much about reiki,it is also FABULOUS but actually here a little link to fill you in on all the great benefits. Plus I’ve got a special page that outlines all my success with reiki! SO the practice: I do this right when I wake up, not exactly everyday but when I feel like I need a little extra encouragement this is how I start my day…

step 1 lay on your back.

step 2 place your right hand on your lower stomach, right around your belly button or your 2nd chakra if you are familiar, and rub your stomach in a clockwise motion.

step 3 as you continue to rub your stomach breath slowing and list all the things you are good at.. ” I am good at horse riding, I am good at cooking etc…”  Feel free to say them out loud, if you don’t want to wake your sleeping bed mate, then its just as good to say them in your head. You may be surprised how hard it is the first time to come up wit lots of things you are good at, but don’t worry the more you  do this exercise the more things you will find you are good at and the better you will feel.

I used to do this almost everyday and not only did I feel better, but no joke, if i was constipated… and I did this, my whole body would relax and WHOOP there it was, I had to go CRAZY!! I wonder if it had something to do with the warming circular motion and stomach warming. I honestly don’t know maybe it was just a coincidence but try it out for yourselves and let me know how it goes! No matter what it is always relaxing, calming and soothing.  Love your self today and give this little exercise a try!

Today’s Blondie Bite is a tummy nourishing fermented sauerkraut recipe. I didn’t come up with this on my own so check out this great health god for a delicious recipe!

Let me know down there… in that comments section… a few things your good at or if you think you would incorporate this little exercise into your life?!

Bite Me, With Love


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