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Self Loved Day 4

4 days in babesss! How you doing so far?! You giving yourself all the love you deserve?! I sure hope so! Today I did another coffee enema, love it, so great and so energized! If you missed my post on that, don’t worry, I gotchuuu.. click here! I normally don’t do that many coffee enemas but since my husband is out of town ( he doesn’t know I do them), I figured I would take advantage of my extra time.

But yeah, No, I don’t tell my husband that a brew coffee, let it cool and then stick it up my butt, and then like literally shit my pants for about a minute. There are very few things in relationships that I believe can be keep secret, butt this is one. Imagine trying to explain to your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, …dad..omg grandpa would be even worse.. that you wake up brew a pot of coffee and stick it up your butt.. ehh #AWKWARD #NOTHANKS.

Sorry, your probably anxiously wanting to find out what I did for my self love day 4 and I’m blabbing on about butt coffee. Well my lovely fellow humans I did dry brushing! .. right before my butt coffee, in the morning, because it actually is a little stimulating and can wake you up. You may have heard or dry brushing, it is become pretty popular, at least in the natural health realm.

If not, no worries, I’ll give you an itty bitty overview… basically you have a stiff brush with or without a long handle and you brush your body in upward/circular strokes toward your heart. You want to do each section of your body 10 times so think like 10 long brush strokes.  When you are brushing your arms and your chest you brush downward because you want to brush towards your heart. So thats dry brushing, exactly as it sounds, click here for the exact benefits, its really relaxing too once you get into it. You can say your mantra while you do it .. thats another thing! If you haven’t made a mantra yet.. GET ON THAT SHIT! I make a new one each week. I’ll eventually teach ya about em’.

The Blondie Bite of the day is my cheesy cauliflower soup! Doesn’t that sound yummy, also hint hint its dairy free of course! It basically just tastes like a big soup of nacho cheese.. like how can you not like it!?

Alrighty I got a few questions for everybody today, first of all because I’ve debated telling my husband.. If you do coffee enemas or if you were gonna do them would you tell your significant other?! ANDD…Opinions on dry brushing, have you tried it, do you think its effective?

Bite Me , With Love


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