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Self Love Day 5: Fallin’ In More Ways Than One

So happy first day of Fall everyone! Yay! IDK bout-chouu but I LOVE¬†fall, I get to wear cozy sweaters, sip some yummy teas, wrap myself in scarves, light my electric fire place…etc. OMG and pumpkin picking, I love pumpkin picking and carving and halloween.. ok time to stop..I’m getting carried away. Also I usually like to enjoy the foliage but down here in the south, well palm trees don’t really change color. O well there are other benefits, like the fact that I can still walk the majority of place in the midst of winter.

Since it is still my self love week I decided to get dressed up today, I always feel good after I get dressed up in real people clothes ( meaning not my gym clothes). So I put on my cute coral flare beachy pants paired with my white linen crop top and brown sandals and called it a day.

I headed to class like most poor unfortunate souls do in college. Now I have a LONG walk to school, long meaning a good 15 minutes at a leisurely pace. Usually I’m running late so my leisurely 15 turns into soccer mom speed walking pace, meaning I make it to class in about 11 minutes, pretty impressive. Today was one of those soccer mom speed days.

It was windy, and I was wearing flared, flowy pants. So my pants were blowing around, I literally made a note to myself to not trip, I paid careful attention to my feet, left, right, swing left foot out a little, take a baby step swing right foot out, wind has changed, you know like adjusting my sails. I had done a great job until I got on campus. #FML

I looked at my watch, realized I had a little under 2 minutes to make it on time, and I hate being late. I sped up at a four way intersection right next to two restaurants with big windows… do you know what happens next… I ate SHIT, I LIITERALLY fell into fall. #cringe

It was not graceful either me, my bag .. tumbling down. I sort caught myself with one arm but still ended up on my knees. Luckily some guy was like you ok, and I brushed it off like ” o yeah No worries all good … thanks” as if it was so super cool but man my hand and my knee hurt! … atleast I didn’t bleed cuz then more people would have known that I fell.

I don’t know how many people saw me, and I don’t care to know. I averted my eyes. And if anyone asks… DENY…DENY…DENY. I most certainly was not the girl who fell on my face the first day of fall haha. Although since it has happened I have told quiet a few of my closest peps cuz man thats funny as fuck! I actually fell into fall hahaha

Keeping in the theme of warm drinks, the Blondie Bite of the day is what is called a golden latte or liquid sunshine. For mine I take a cup of coconut milk, 2tsp of tumeric, some cinnamon, some ginger, and some stevia heat it up and drankkk. Click here for the recipe. So good, the whole point of it is to get the anti-inflamatory benefits of the tumeric in a yummy way. Plus the added benefits from the cinnamon and ginger!

Whats the most ironic/embarrassing ¬†thing that has ever happened to you?! I love shit like this so please do share!… plus it will make me feel better hah.

Bite Me, With Love



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