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An ACTUAL Hurricane

Hey Ladies, well at least I think your all ladies, I doubt too many guys are all that interested in reading my nonsense. But Hello if you are a guy too.. today I am talking about hurricanes. If you remember a while back, I wrote a post about hurricanes. Making fun of how crazy people get even when there is the slightest warning…. Well now that biting me in ass… there actually might be a real hurricane  coming my way! Honestly I’m kinda excited I love all sorts of adventures!

Just yesterday I didn’t even know there was a hurricane coming my way .. WUD UP Mathew..well, since finding out about this hurricane, my emotions have ranged from not giving a fuck to damn I gotta get the fuck outta here. This is mostly to do with the face that  within 3 hours of hearing that the school was closed from today all the way till Sunday. I then heard the campus had to be evacuated by 9 am the following morning. So what did I do?

Like any reasonable person, hah like lol probably not … that was sarcasm,   I booked a flight up north, cancelled a dog boarding request, packed my bags, hid my valuables, and got a mad blood pumping booty workout in. Because what does a fit girl do when there is a hurricane on the way, work their ass off!! Cuz who knows the next time  you’ll  get to go to the gym! Well, now I’m all set, I’ll have a gym, food, water, internet, puppy love, all the things a girl needs to survive. But at that point I was thinking that could be my last real heavy duty workout for a while.

Every good fit chick can get their killer workout in no matter what the circumstances, PRIORITIES PEOPLE, I’ve got em’ .. the gym is what keeps me sane. I was so wound up and anxious after trying to get my hurricane plans settled I needed a work out to calm myself down. Hey I mean its better that grabbing a bottle of vodka. #sobriety #usually haha.. nobody is perfect.

So my flight for tomorrow is booked for 6:30 am. And I know sleep is so important, I constantly nag people about it and insure I always get at least 8 hours a night but tonight I am just so excited and anxious to get out of here, I’m staying up till 4am when my taxi is arriving ( monkey face covering its eyes). I just don’t want to fall asleep and sleep through my alarm, I know so neurotic. but normally I have my hubby here as a backup alarm and I really can’t miss this flight or I’m S-O-L. SO If this post is a little long and dragged on.. I apologize, Im just trying to keep myself entertained.

Actually I think I better get going and make myself a green drink so I’m hydrated and alkalized for the flight tomorrow!

The Blondie Bite is obviously my green drink er gel er bowl.. I’m not really sure what to call it’ll see what I mean when you read the recipe.

What would be your go to moves if you heard there was a hurricane coming, or you just had a huge stress monster coming your way? Would you sweat it out? Would you dance it off? Or what?!

Comment below!!

Bite Me, With Love

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