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Peppermint Please

Like many of you I love a good tea, warms the body, warms the heart, tastes pretty damn good. PLUS all the health benefits most of these little guys have to offer!

Today lets learn about peppermint… I did my research and this is just a little list I have compiled for you guys! #drinkup

Top Health Benefits of Peppermint Tea

  1. Relaxes the muscles of your intestines: like ew I know that sounds gross but by doing this it always you to fart and can help with stomach pain
  2. De-bloat: along those same lines farting gets the extra gases and air out which can help you feel a little less bloated… too bad it didn’t make your farts smell minty too..
  3. Peppermint may protect against DNA damage and cell death caused by radiation expose: Found this on Dr Mercola’s website. So if your getting an x-ray maybe gulp down some peppermint tea before and after!
  4. Support Liver Function: I know all you girls likes to enjoy a drink or two, or three.. or more, so help you’re liver it! Peppermint increases the amount of bile flow! Now why do you need bile? To help you break down fats so your body can use them! As the greats of the health world say “ we are what we digest not, what we eat” Also bile helps to reduce bad cholesterol, nobody wants bad cholesterol!
  5. Sore throat Remedy: Sore throat? Not a problem for peppermint, just like how it sooths the lining of your stomach it can also sooth and relax a sore throat
  6. Halitosis (aka bad breath): If your mouth stinks, or you just nommed on some garlic laden delicacy follow it up with some peppermint tea!
  7. Digestion: on the subject of after eating benefits, sip some peppermint tea after a meal as a digestive aid and relaxer. Don’t want to be stressed or have our body be stress while digesting, this affects our ability to use up those great nutrients!
  8. Antioxidants: Yup those lovely leaves have got antioxidants too!

If you want to learn more about the great benefits of not just peppermint tea but also peppermint essential oil check out Dr. Mercola’s page! He’s reputable and full of great info!

Order some today and get started feeling just a bit better, heres some of my favorites, from Amazon of course! Traditional Medicinesloose leaf ,  and green tea and mint combo to get you focused for the day.

Let me know how you like peppermint tea or if you’ve tried any of the ones I love from amazon.

References (all the scientific stuff I read for you) … your welcome

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