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A Typical Day

I grabbed this little entry from a page straight out of my journal… yes that cute little pinky, red golden paged rectangle is my journal.. Found on sale at anthropologie.. LOVE IT, probably the cheapest thing there, go buy one! Seriously I’m sure you need a journal more than you think. Anyways heres a look into one of my favorite days, while I was up north.I love days like this its one of those days where your just like DAYYYUMMM I got SHIT done!!!

So first I woke up, like most normal people. I brewed a heaping pot of coffee, like most normal people. But this coffee, unlike most normal people, was not for my mouth. This brew is a little something I like to call butt coffee or the booty brew..stick with me..I was told I have parasite and this is an effective way to cleanse them along with other things. So yes, this morning I made my booty brew. I also removed my soaking pumpkin seeds from their soaking liquid, rinsed em’ and laid them out to dry. ( I drew the purple devil face emojimg_3022i in my journal.. so just pretend)

Then of course I had my morning drink, which you all should know by now..but this one is a little extra special since I’m trying to kill those dang parasites. The past few days it has included 8oz of unsweetened cranberry juice. Gotta say unsweetened cranberry juice is not my jam. BLAH

Guzzled that shit down hella fast, then made my breakfast for the day… A much more pleasant experience. It was a delicious cup of  bone broth and some add-ins (And just fyi great breakfast if you have NO time). Today it was bone broth outta a box, I normally like the real stuff but hey it’s better than nothing! Plus I trust the brand I recommend is delivery my body all the goodies, and my add-ins help too!

My broth drinking habit peaked the interest of my fahja ( my dad, thats just what we call him), not exactly a health nut, but usually up to try something new. A few hours later I found my mom and dad in the kitchen battling it out, it was the duel of soups. They  had decided to test who could make the best soup based on taste, flavor of chicken, and scent. My brother, Me, and his girlfriend would the be judges. The “chefs” were only allowed to use organic ingredients and the judges were not to know whose soup was whose before the revel.

My house smelled sooo good this entire day. Before the soup war had started I went to my favorite yoga class.. with my mom.. honestly she’s one of the few people who is usually up for all my nonsense and “go go go” attitude, so we do a lot together. The class was  with my FAVORITE teacher. She is actually the lady who got me addicted to the yoga. She has the most relaxing classes I have ever taken. I love working out but a great meditative class is sometimes just whatcha need. Like for real NAMA-FUCKIN-STAY so relaxed after.

Post yoga we were so relaxed we didn’t know what to do with ourseleves.. so we went to our favorite, I guess you would call it, healthy lifestyle store. We got a fee toxin free goodies, including nail polish, soaps, and well I grabbed a natural hangover remedy. I’m usually sober due to some health issues and well just call them past lifestyle choices.. Butcha’ gotta live a little so I thought a little spray might do the body good haha. like lol spray away a hangover.. not sure if it will be that effective. It has milk thistle in it, and for those of you who don’t know milk thistle = liver detox help!

Your probably still wondering about that butt coffee right, I’m sure it was at the top of your mind, well.. We then came home and I put my butt coffee to good use as the soup cook off continued. Butt coffee (enemas) always give me like a shot of energy so I headed downstairs to my home gym… yes I have a home gym, you see why I like going to this house so much now! hah .. totally kidding I actually love New England and my fam fam too. But yeah, here I don’t even have to walk out the door to get my ass to the gym #luckybitch.

Had a killer workout, walked up the stairs and was greeted by the deliciously homey aromaimg_0320 of chicken soup. Soon after, the competition began. Bowls were perfectly positioned, matching silverware and placemats were used so no personal style could be detected. Both soups tasted great but I choose my winning bowl, it was fahja’s, he is great cook…He bought a pressure cooker and used that! I had never thought of that but I did a little reading and apparently it is a great way to get all the nutrients out of the bones, meat, and veg!

This was one of my longer entries but I have one last healthy thing I did that I want to share! PLUS its the Blondie Bite of the day! I made 100% like no bullshit 100% homemade pumpkin seed butter! It was so delicious! I’m throwing the recipe up later today! I wish I had a food processor down at school because, honestly it kicks almond butter’s butt.

Whats your favorite part about visiting your family? Also do you have any good bone broth making tips? One last question, sorry I’m curious today.. Have you used a pressure cooker in preparing bone broth or anything before?

Bite Me, With Love

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