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Coffee Enema Tips

Yes I do coffee enemas, if you haven’t been keeping up I quiet enjoy them. Here are just a few tips that I’ve learned to make your enema as relaxing as possible.

  1. Breath! Seems dumb but the slower and deeper you breath the more relaxed you are. Plus I’ve found the deeper I breath the more gurgling I hear! You want that coffee to get into all those crevices!
  2. Still on the topic of breathing, practice some breathing exercises, like alternate nostril breathing, inhale with the nose and out through the mouth, or even just count your inhales and exhales
  3. Light some candles, or get out your essential oil diffuser! Lavender is especially calming
  4. Listen to holosync music, seriously so relaxing, I just started doing this. Holoysync is designed specifically to help to relax. If you really love it check out this package.
  5. Dry Brush before! I love dry brushing, it helps to stimulate the lymphatic system, check out this post to find out a little more!
  6. Ensure you will be warm enough, either place a blanket over yourself or keep the bathroom at a nice temperature
  7. When removing the tub clip it closed first and pinch the part right where it connects to the nozzle to avoid spillage, less mess for later
  8. Take a shower after, you’ll feel super clean and very relaxed and refreshed
  9. Lastly carve out time for it, the last thing you want to do is feel rushed while trying to do a enema, you want to be relaxed. This is you time, you are helping your body detox and inviting all the good things that relaxing and self love can bring

I’ve got two great choices for enema kits for you, heres one, very expensive but the bucket is stainless steel, therefore very safe and toxin free. The other enema kit is less expensive plastic type material but as long as your liquid isn’t hot, you shouldn’t be too concerned with toxins.


2 thoughts on “Coffee Enema Tips”

  1. hahaha o gosh I’m so nervous about doing this, my holistic practitioner told me to do one once a week to help with the detoxification process… The music sounds like it might be a nice touch though!


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