My Diary, Self Love


There are just some things that should probably be kept secret in relationships. Coffee enemas are one of them. I really don’t want my man picturing me laying on the ground with a tub in my butt.. That really doesn’t sound very nice does it, but you can embellish your enema experience with a few of my tips . I promise it’s actually quiet a relaxing experience once you get the hang of them.

For the longest time I avoided the subject of poop with my man. We had been living together for quiet some time, like 3 months and if I’ve had to go and he was awake or home, I would come up with some excuse as to why I needed to go to the grocery store. We lived, like O I don’t know, about 50 steps from the store. “I’m gonna go grab an apple” or “I really just want some coconut water”, worked very nicely.

Anytime he would bring up poop or farts, I would simply say “girls don’t poop”, repeatedly. Hey, you gotta act like a lady, I read somewhere that the reason foreign women are sexy is because they still hold some sort of mystery about them even in a relationship, probably meaning they don’t talk about their bodily fluids or show their man their ugly panty drawer. Yes, ugly panty drawer I know you have one, don’t deny it.

But the whole reason I am writing this post is because I’m very excited about the fact that TODAY I finally did a coffee enema, while he was home sleeping in bed.  I’ve been battling candida so on occasion to help my body get rid of toxins my super star of a nutritionist suggested I do a coffee enema ( literally this woman changed my life)… like FUCK YEAH… sorry I know I swear it just makes me feel good! I’m just so happy/relieved that I worked up the guts to do one while he was sleeping and proved to myself it is possible!

I know you too are probably searching for any excuse not to do a coffee enema, I think that was also part of my issue in the beginning. But they make me feel so great afterwards, you feel refreshed, renewed, and I even feel like I have a little more energy and am more focused. I’m just so relieved my man didn’t wake up, he normally sleeps in pretty late, so my goal from now on is to do this once a week!

The Blondie Bite of the day is my latest creation, I like it, but let me know what you think, its sort of like a thick cheddar cheesy type soup, that of course doesn’t actually have cheddar. I think I will call it The Least Chessiest Cheese Soup.

Do you talk about poop and all the bodily functions with your man? or do you still pretend as if they don’t exist hah?! PLUS did you like my relaxing enema tips? Do you have anymore of your own?!

Bite Me, With Love

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