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Stress, Herbs and Ashwaganda

Maybe it’s not a good thing to title a blog post with the word stress in it.. but I don’t know. I’m just being honest. If you haven’t realized I haven’t written much lately.. well that would be because of some little things I like to call MIDTERMS.. well FUCK MIDTERMS.. just had to say it.. I feel much better now. Plus they are over. Wahoo! What was the first thing I did after I got out of my last mid term? You probably think, being a 22 year old and all, I funneled some vodka and hit the clubs. Although I have funneled vodka ( actually from a 3 story frat house), thats not what I did yesterday. I went to sleep. Like actually got in my bed at 6:30 and slept.

I woke up a few hours later had some eggs with my hubby and then slept .. again. I know I img_5328know your probably like LAME. But seriously people sleep is so important. I can always tell Im not getting enough when I feel this like tight feeling around my thyroid. I know its so weird but I swear its my body telling me that I’m a like stressed out and need some sleep. Now today is my first day in a while of getting to relax so I took a few of my favorite activities from my self love week series and incorporated them in my morning.

While I was under all that pressure I did have a few little things I used to help keep me sane. For one thing, I had doggies to sit during much of that time. So I got all the puppy cuddles, they were much needed. Our  animals (or borrowed animals in my case) can really be our best medicine. Plus I had my health arsenal, everything from roll on calming essential oil blends to herbalicious mouth sprays! And teas or course teas.. everybody knows I love a good tea. Matcha for FOCUS people MATCHA is like the healthy persons Adrenal. My last little stress buster is a little adaptogenic herb called ashwaganda. It is fabulous it helps your body function at its best will under-stress. Learn more about it here. To put it simply adaptogenic  ( like adapting.. wink face) means it adapts to the needs of your body at any given time.

Speaking of herbs, besides my amazon obsession, I order my herbs and spices from Mountain Rose Herbs. I truly believe they have some of the highest quality herbs available on the internet. Plus as I learned today, they have great customer service. I had recently placed an order for some mugwort. I know sounds delectable,( its part of my parasite treatment), but they had sent me mullein leaf instead. So like any other human I called them because HEY girl HEYY!! I NEEDD to get rid of these damn parasites.  I talked to two lovely HUMANS, I emphasize humans, because I get so annoyed when I have to talk to a machine.

Anyways, they were super apologetic and without hesitation had a 1 pound order of Mugwort coming my way. Plus they even let me keep the mullein leaf. Now I have no idea what mullein leaf is used for.. but I’m gonna find out. I will keep you guys posted and then hopefully you too can enjoy all the benefits!! If you know anything about mullein leaf, please let me know! All I gotta say is I’m glad I made it out of these past few weeks alive, thriving, and still zen a.f. THANK YOU POWER HERBS AND POTIONS.. but actually

The Blondie Bite involves some ashwaganda! It’s my Cooked Cup O’Cauliflower, which is actually a warm bowl made with steamed cauliflower, cinnamon, some stevia, alcohol free vanilla extract, and some health boosters. It basically like one of the smoothies I make but warm. Now that we are entering the cooler seasons its important to eat warming foods to help nourish our spleens  ( TCM reference here people)!

What have you done with Mullein Leaf?! Seriously guys let me know if you know anything about mullein leaf! I would love to hear some experiences or just things you have done with it?!

Bite Me, With Love

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