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Yoga, Unicorns, and Nice Spirits

Hall-o-week? “I thought Halloween was only one day out of the year?”, Well yes my friends, it is. But because I am still in college, I get to celebrate Halloween for an entire week! I don’t know about you, but I love the holidays, all holidays, any like love them all. The decorating, the friends, the family, the parties, the festivities, and of course the creative foodies! Just you wait for today’s Blondie Bite!

You could say I started my Hall-o-week this Thursday, which is actually considered late by college standards. I saw fellow Halloween lovers ( or maybe they were just girls who wanted an excuse to look like sluts), starting their Hall-o-week as early as Monday! Don’t get me wrong, I can’t judge the sluts, one year I was a baby… I just wore a pillow case with holes for my legs, a bra, and accessorized with a baby bottle filled with vodka…STRAIGHT.

So thats that, but so far this year I would say I’ve kept it pretty PG. My yoga studio, no its not mine, its just like my place .. like my zen space.. .. ok got a little carried away with my rhyming anyways.. They were having a costume yoga class. Now do you see why this is my favorite studio? I immediately knew what I was going to be yoga=magical.. unicorns=magical. No debate.

After making my decision, I spent, now I’m not fucking with you, about a good 2 hours trying to find an acceptable costume online.. They were either 200$.. um just no. Or the head pieces for the unicorn looked like a soft puffy Michelin Man dildo… NOPE .. no thanks.. So I decided to make my own costume.

I found these killer hot pink fuzzy leg warmers on (plays suspenseful music) Amazon of course! I found a lovely black leotard at Forever21 and for some reason I had sparkly tights right in my closet.. I don’t even know.. no explanation for ya. Then came the task of making the headpiece. Earlier that day I had gone to the costume shop, to try and find a headpiece, no luck. But the creative person in me knew not to despair and bought a child sized princess party tiara. I have a tiny ass head so children’s things fit me well.

When  I got home I looked at my purchases. I had also gotten a few other accessories for my , wrapping ribbon for my wrists and glittery tinsel for a tail. Now came the hard part, the horn. How can I make a horn that doesn’t look like a giant sparkly dildo attached to a crown. Luckily like always… Thrive Market had my back. Sorry I’m going to keep pushing this place on everyone because I LOVE it SO much.

I had just received a Thrive Delivery. There is always lots of packaging, which I always recycle. RECYCLES BITCHES seriously do it… if you don’t your dead to me. But today, I up-cycled… if thats a thing… I took some brown packing paper spiraled it up to a point and put rubber bands around it, to give it that spirally look. I reached into my purchases and took that sparkly tinsel and wrapped it around the horn and call it a day.

Later I went back to my horn and realized it was missing something… the ears.. Once again thanks Thrive Market packaging, I cut up the box and made little unicorn ears and used nail polish to paint them! Wanna know how much my unicorn head piece cost

DIY Unicorn Headpiece Halloween Costume
My DIY Unicorn Headpiece


Thrive Packaging= Free

Tinsel=99 cents

Rubber Bands= Free with purchase of Whole Foods Eggs

Nail Polish and Glue: Free, already owned.

So I spend 5.99 on my tiara, instead of like 16-20$ that other places were charging and it didn’t look like the Michelin Man’s dick!

Needless to say I had a great hot and sweaty yoga sess, thriller song included, to kick off my Hall-o-week. I hope your also having a fab Hall-o-week, I don’t care how old you are, you better dress up.. I’ll be pissed if you don’t.

The Blonde Bite of the day is a delicious Pumpkin Cocoa Trick! Its a trick cuz you’d never know its actually healthy for ya! Recipe will be up in a few hours.

How has your Hall-o-week been going? What have you dress up as so far? Seriously include pictures, especially if you were creative. I love seeing everyone’s costumes!

Bite Me, With Love


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