My Diary, Nobody's Perfect

Do You Like Chicken Nuggets?

Honestly though.. is that even a question.. Who doesn’t like chicken nuggets?! If you don’t… well then bye, stop reading bye… unless your vegan or vegetarian.. its cool girl I feel ya. Anyways back to me… I LOVE chicken nuggets, always have and probably always will. I’m going to tell you a story about an excited little blonde health food nut.

As you know my way of eating has several restrictions, I like to refer to them as standards..just to recap.. NO SOY, NO CORN, NO DAIRY ( specifically casein), NO GLUTEN, NO SUGAR, and generally low carb. The other day when I was in Whole Foods I thought I hit the jackpot, premade chicken nuggets that I can just pop in the oven without any of my forbidden ingredients!? Too good to be true ?! Well, actually it turned out that way.

Blinded by the excitement over the fact that I had found Gluten Free, Organic chicken nuggets, I didn’t read the ingredient list. I think part of me didn’t read the ingredients because something inside me told me I would be disappointed. I had been craving chicken nuggets for so long, I always have to watch my husband enjoy their crispy crunchy chickeny goodness. So I didn’t read the ingredients.. and I went home a very happy little blonde foodie.

A few days later I made those golden nuggets and enjoyed the whole box.. there weren’t that many. They were a great study snack. After I had eaten them.. I miraculously decided to read the ingredient list. Now I’m normally that person that you see in the grocery store reading everything, and throwing things back on the shelf in disgust when I see a “horrifying ingredient”. So I think the fact that I waited to read what these were really made of till after I ate them, meant I somehow knew they wouldn’t be completely standards approved.

Come to find out… they had soy.. ugh..oops. I was a little disappointed in myself at first and felt slightly guilty. But I soon realized, that one itsy bit of soy isn’t gonna harm me much. I probably haven’t had soy in about 6 months! Lesson learned, no matter what, food outta a box really is a no go. I am much better off with the real deal, even though it may take more time to prepare its worth it in the long run! Seriously food companies, Why you gotta SUCK?!

Eating those chicken nuggets reminded me just really how much I do like them. This gave me the motivation to come up with a way to make my own. And let me tell you .. Mission accomplished. Today I made some BOMB ASS CHICKEN NUGGETS and guess what.. they were GLUTEN FREE, SOY FREE, CORN FREE, CASEIN FREE, SUGAR FREE, and even made with ORGANIC CHICKEN!

Needless to say today’s Blondie Bite is my Chicken Nuggets for the Gluten Free Soul ! Best enjoyed sober and with the dipping sauce of your choice.

Have you felt guilty for messing up on your strict diet, or healing journey? What did you do about it to feel better? ALSOOO What do you like to dip your chicken nuggets in?!

Bite Me, With Love


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