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Famous People At My Gym

No, I’m not talking about insta famous people, I’m talking about real life famous ass humans. Like people who have been in movies, or on TV shows.. you know or done something great for the world..

Today  I saw a real- live famous person at my gym.. big news. It was actually kinda cool to be sweating right next to star. Not gonna lie… Have you ever seen the movie White Chicks? 1st If you haven’t WTF is wrong with you.. it is hilarious and 2nd like actually have you been hiding under a rock?

If you haven’t seen it, you might not know who I’m talking about, unless you’ve seen 50 Shades of Black, also hilarious. The male lead in 50 Shades of Black, Marlon Wayans, also one of the blonde twins or disguised agents in White Chicks was there!

Let me tell you… that man can workout! He killed the rowing machine. I was pretty jealous.. that piece of machinery is not my forté. Who ever says that celebrities don’t really work out, is full of bull- shit. Dude was sweating and looked like he had a great workout.

Yes, I was watching him workout! He’s fit, and a celeb so I figured he def had a good idea about how to workout! Of course I wanted to say hi and snag a pic, but me being me… I had to get my workout done first! Priorities people…

So I did a good 25 min sweat sess on the stair-master, nothing motivates you to get a great workout in besides some good music and a celebrity in the gym hah. I did some walking afterward, because obviously you don’t interrupt people when they are in the middle of a workout #RUDE.

When he had finished his workout out I went over to him and introduced myself and told him how much I like White Chicks.. seriously people you need to watch it. He then offered to take a pic with me 😀 So obviously I had to take him up on his offer… He was very nice the for our whole convo, I wished him a good time in town and off he went.

I then finished my workout, texted my bro the pic of us, cuz he loves that movie too, and continued on with my day. Very happy with my killer workout and the fact that I had to courage to go introduce myself to a famous person.

Today’s Blondie Bite is a little something chicken. Thats it, its literally chicken. I make a batch, a few servings, a bunch, not sure how to refer to a shit load of chicken, but basically I cook a whole bunch of chicken for 3 days so I’ve got post and pre workout snacks on had! Or even salad toppers. Click here to find out how I cook it!

Have you ever meet someone famous?! Were they nice!? Comment Below!

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6 thoughts on “Famous People At My Gym”

      1. I do strength training about 5 times a week, 3 lower body days, mostly glute work and then upper body like arms and back 2 days a week 🙂 I usually just do a little ab circuit when I wake up, pilates and yoga takes pretty good care of my core!
        What do you do for your workouts?!

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      2. That’s EPIC! I should start some Yoga. I use Les Mills on-demand. So I do at least one CXWRX (core), one BodyPump and then I do at least two runs. One 5k and the other either 7.5 or 10k (depending on how much time i have).


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