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Health Benefits of Watermelon Seeds

I don’t know if someone ever told you when you were little, that if you ate watermelon seed or apple seeds or anything of the like a small plant would grow in your stomach.. no? only me? Where was your childhood?! Or maybe your friends and family members were a little nicer than mine, because in all honestly when I was younger, the thought of a planet growing in my stomach was absolutely terrifying.

But as it turns out I, like many other frightened children, had nothing to fear. Watermelon seeds are actually really good for us! Here are 5 health benefits of watermelon seeds that will have you ordering Go Raw’s Watermelon seeds right away! The reason I order Go Raw is because they are the only company to offer sprouted, organic, watermelon seeds. It’s very important to have sprouted nuts and seeds as when they are in this state they contain their highest potential  amount of vitamins and minerals.


Health Benefits of Watermelon Seeds

1. Contain a Decent Amount of Protein 

We all know protein is great for building, and keeping muscle. The amino acids, found in proteins, are the building blocks of the body and perform a whole host of other important

My very empty bag of watermelon seeds.

functions too. ( like blood pressure regulation, #4)  1 cup of watermelon seeds contains a little over 30g of protein, now you probably wouldn’t want to eat a whole cup, but adding a tbsp or 2 to your smoothies each day will definitely help you up your protein intake.

2. Great Source of B Vitamins

Watermelon seeds are a rich source of B vitamins! We all we need B vitamins to survive. Watermelon seeds contain plentiful sources of riboflavin, Folate, B5, Niacin, and Thiamine. Riboflavin is important for energy it aids in the conversion of fats, proteins and carbs into energy for your body to use, you’d feel sluggish without it! Additionally Niacin is used for treating levels of high cholesterol, so eat some watermelon seeds to help keep your cholesterol in check!

3. Plenty of Magnesium 

Magnesium, I like to call it the relaxing mineral, magnesium can help your body relax, especially if you feel like you are in constant monkey brain. I take a generous amount every night before I go to bed to help me sleep and wind down. Not only is magnesium helpful for relaxation it is also important to a healthy immune system. Be sure your getting enough magnesium this flu season by adding some yummy watermelon seeds to your diet.

4. Blood Pressure Regulation ( The Mighty Arginine) 

One of the compounds found in watermelon seeds is Arginine. This amino acid protects the arterial walls from hardening, which can impede blood flow and cause high blood pressure. Additionally Arginine is useful due to its anti-inflamatory effects on the body.

5. Rich in Micronutrients

Micronutrients like zinc, phosphorous, magnesium, and manganese are plentiful in watermelon seeds. Although the body does not need a lot of these nutrients ( hence micro-nutrients) they are still important enough to be used by the body everyday. A deficiency in any of these can throw multiple chemical pathways out of whack.

So, start living up to your bodies potential and get some watermelon seeds! But remember only the sprouted kind! You want to get the most out of these nutrient powerhouses.

Todays Blondie Bite is just a cup of watermelon, that is is. I didn’t have time to write up a recipe. So instead I have a health tid bit. Watermelon contains more lycopene than tomatoes. Lycopene is a valuable antioxidant that is used to slow down the effects of aging and ward off a number of cancers. Lycopene is often used in beauty products, so maybe throw some watermelon on your face tonight and call it a face mask.

Bite Me, With Love

One last little thing, if you love the seeds so much heres a link to buy two at a discount yay, we all love amazon!

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