Dealing with Candida

My Candida Maintenance Diet

I am still careful about sugar because I really do notice flare-ups. Like one week I had coconut water almost everyday, I love the stuff and my mom was here and she was buying me it, cuz that shit is expensive and then my lips started getting all dry and cracked and feeling like they were being sucked into my face. Its not a pleasant feeling. I used to get this before I started treating my Candida. I stopped drinking that coconut water and added a little more fish ( B12) to my diet and BAM.. Buh bye nasty lips!

On my maintenance diet, I like to call it The Food Standards, cuz the term diet, just sucks, I eat low carb, high fat, and high protein. I basically only get my carbs from veggies, I am able to eat starchy ones now like pumpkins ( my fav) with no issues. But if I start eating too many carbs or too many in one sitting, I go right back to being bloated, farting so much that it probably keeps my guy up at night or at least scares the cats off the bed.

As for sugar, I don’t eat it, I eat a very limited amount even eat fruit. I prefer to play it on the safe side. I have been doing this diet now for almost 2 years but I had a pretty large overgrowth, and multiple food intolerances. I believe I have a little more ways to go before I can eat fruit on the reg. Now I eat it as a treat! You’ll be surprised how sweet a blueberry is after not having fruit for so long. I treat myself to blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and I’ve had a few apples this fall because well its fall.

And I don’t eat… Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Corn, Casein, Peanuts, Or processed food of any kind! I call this my Food Standards. On my Instagram I use a special hashtag so you too can know  if the food is free of all those ingredients. It’s  #thefoodstandards , look for it on Instagram so you know which dishes are safe for you! The reason I don’t eat these things is because 1. Soy is just bad, unless its fermented, then o.k. if you must, 2. Gluten.. so inflammatory, 3. Corn often contains GMOs, especially if its an added ingredient in a product, 4. Casein and Dairy, Casein is a protein in dairy that I’m intolerant and its in all dairy products so I avoid until further notice hah 5. Peanuts are the most moldiest nut and ain’t nobody want mold. Also I actually do have IgE intolerances to all those foods besides peanuts.

Supplements, I have a whole host of favorites I rely on to get through my day! So yes I still do take supplements. I actually think they are important for everyone because our soil lacks the amount of nutrients it historically had, therefore we don’t get as many essential vitamins and minerals from our food as we think we do. I no longer take my herb rotation to kill the candida because me and my nutritionist feel that it is under control. Plus it’s not so good to take the antimicrobial and antibacterial herbs for too long as they can damage your good gut bacteria!

As for liquids I drink water, tea, nut and coconut milk and thats it. O and my occasional coconut water as a treat. I drink my teas, with green stevia, don’t get that white stuff, it is actually shit and basically just tricking you into thinking that it is healthy.

Dining out, I don’t very often, but when I do I try to stick to my standards as much as I can, most restaurants are very accommodating and nice. There are sometimes when I splurge and have something that might not quiet fit the candida guidelines (i.e its hard to get organic while dining out) but I always stick to my food standards. Unless I’m traveling and the local delicacy is pasta, then I might just have to have a nibble hehe.


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