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These are a Few of My Favorite Things

As we draw closer and closer to Black Friday, I’ve been thinking, why not do a list of my favorite things… now I’m not Oprah, but I would like to think I’ve got some pretty good lists and knowledge about whats good in the healthy lifestyle realm.

I’m gonna see how much time I have but I’m hoping to write a few gifting lists and tips for all your health nut friends. The gifts will be for all budgets too!

You can look forward to a list for..

  • all non-toxic kitchen ware for your healthy chef
  • another one for adorable non- toxic apartment accessories and furniture for your health conscious interior designer
  • my favorite workout clothing brands for your gym rat
  • self love products ( think dry brushes and beautiful organic soaps) for all your gal pals, cuz umm, who doesn’t like to be spoiled…
  • and lastly a list of my favorite indulgent healthy snacks or treats to get your dietary restricted friend!

New Black iPhone 7 Plus and Black MacBookOf course they will mostly be amazon links, god I love prime..but I may venture out because I would love to include some organic clothing brands, not sure if amazon carries any. If you’d like specific list for a special type of health conscious  friend let me know!

.. oo even the health conscious man… I didn’t even think of that..that could be interesting!

My health conscious gym nut of a man, loves his new amazfit tracker!  ================> Its waterproof, his other one he forgot to take off before showering.. oops.. also just looked and its on sale now! 20$ less .. Thank You amazon!!

I’ll get to work now on these lists now! No Blondie Bite for today, I got shit to do.. Unless someone has a recipe they’d like to share that fits the Food Standards, I’d be happy to feature it!

Bite Me, With Love


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