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Valentines Day for Health Nuts

What are you doing for valentines? Having a nice dinner at your favorite restaurant? Dressing up in something a little naughty? Or stuffing your face with your tears and chocolates?

sunset.pngNo matter what your doing this year, there are plenty of ways to health-ify your valentines day. Don’t give up on the New Years Resolution just yet! Even if your game plan was my third suggestion, theres still hope that yes, you too, can have a healthier valentines day this year.

Pick your scenario below and read how you can have the healthiest Valentines Day yet!

Valentines Day Tips

We all know that restaurant food has way more calories than most things we would prepare at home ( thank you 1/4 cup of oil on my veggies), plus when your out you feel like your in a whole new world and can just pretend your diet doesn’t exist just for that one dinner. But it does exist! Diets don’t work, lifestyle changes work.

  • So lets say you have a beautiful 3 course meal planned, don’t finish your plate! Leave at least a quarter of your food on the side, depending on portion sizes leave more.
  • When ordering have something simple, like a meat and a vegetable. It’s pretty hard to go over board if your only eating meat and veg.
  • Eat dinner out, but have a healthier homemade dessert at home, I promise what ever you make at home won’t be nearly as bad as what they are serving in the restaurant. Feeling lazy? Heres my favorite ready made gluten free cake mix. 
  • The chocolates, this year tell you man to get you something other than Ferraro Roche, opt for some Good Bites instead.
  • If your not dead set on eating out, make a home cooked meal together! It’s alot of fun cooking with your man, plus then you can show off your skills! Be sure to use all your non toxic cooking tools.
  • Make one of your Valentines Day activities fitness related! Go to a spin class together or how bout a nice walk on the beach, or even a fun couples workout out!
  • Now I hope most of you are planning on fouling around a little this Valentines Day, make it last extra long for a little extra cardio, its not like he’ll mind.
  • On the topic of time between the sheets be sure to use organic lube, you don’t even wanna know whats in the conventional ones.. no seriously just trust me.
  • If your spending VDay alone, instead of stuffing your face with chocolates, why don’t work on your revenge body or at least stuff your face with a healthier chocolate option
  • Another suggestion for those spending this year alone, work on some self love, do something great for yourself like take an amazing bath with all these herbs and epsom salts. Or maybe even practice some meditation!
  • Lastly, don’t forget your digestive enzymes no matter where or what your eating! they will help you break down your food, nobody wants bloating for the late nights festivities



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