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The Real Superbowl

I know we are just getting over all the Superbowl hype, patriots fans still on their high, while the Seahawks fans are drowning their sorrows over, what is hopefully a diary free cheese dip and paired with organic chips. (one can only dream)

To help those of you coping with your lose or a massive hangover, I’ve created a new SuperBowl for all to enjoy! Full of health enhancing superfoods like chlorella and Ashwaganda, just to name a few.


1 avocado

1 cup greens ( spinach ,lettuce) nothing too bitteravocado-bowl

1/2 cup water

1 tbsp Ceylon Cinnamon 

1 tbsp cocoa powder

1 tsp Camu Camu powder

1 tsp Diatomaceous Earth 

squeeze of half a lemon

1 tbsp coconut flour ( or more if too watery)

2 tbsp ground flax seed 

pinch of salt

*  If you can handle sugar go ahead and add some honey or sweetener of choice, I just try to avoid using sweeteners if I can 🙂 I think this tastes great without one!


  1. place avocado , greens, water, cinnamon, cocoa, camu camu, Dichotomous Earth, and lemon in blender and blend until everything has a smooth consistency, don’t worry if its a little watery
  2. Remove from blender and add coconut flour flax seed and salt! Mix well, it should have a short of paste consistency, then grab a spoon and eat!

Keep Reading if you wanna know about those Superfoods!

Camu Camu: One of natures highest sources of vitamin C, one of the body’s favorite antioxidants. Helps strengthen the immune system, especially after a night of drinking when our immune systems have taken a beating.

Ashwaganda: A traditional Ayurvedic “all healer”, an adaptogenic herb that will help combat stress inside your body. Where ever it is needed most, it will be there for you, and nothing is more stressful on the liver than drinking.  Don’t forget, its an antioxidant too!

Avocado: Say HELLO to healthy fats. I’m sure you ate a few too many chips or drank a little too much over the past few weeks and maybe you’ve just decided to start your healthy lifestyle change after the Superbowl. Well this little guy is your best friend, healthy fats keep us satisfied throughout the day, decreased cravings ladys! This bowl should keep you full until lunch!

Flax Seed: There isn’t much fiber in chips, or pizza, or probably anything you chowded down on these past few weeks. Flax seeds are a great way to get things moving again, if you know what I mean ;). Not going only makes the body hold onto toxins longer, not good if you’ve been enjoying a couple drinks each game night.

Diatomaceous Earth: This fine powder is high in silica which is essential for good hair skin and nail health. With today’s soil its hard to get enough from foods, so its good to supplement. Seriously my hair never looks better when I take this stuff!

Ceylon Cinnamon: Another great addition to any healthy dessert, it helps to stabilize blood sugar by lowering insulin, so you don’t get that energy crash afterwards. Thanks Scientists for figuring that one out!

Coconut Flour: Antimicrobial, helps combat the nasties that live in your gut. The nasties or unwanted bacteria feed off sugar and by consuming coconut products you are gently creating a hostile environment for them to live in due to it’s Lauric Acid content

Cocoa Powder: We all like chocolate, lets be honest.. its fuckin’ delicious, but did you know one large componenet of chocolate has some health benefits?! Cocoa powder contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and antioxidants, all things we need to be our healthiest selves. Plus it also has the ability to provide a little extra energy and focus. I feel more energized after having some cocoa powder and brain fog BE GONE!

Well if your a Seahawk fan I hope you enjoy this Superbowl a little more than the last, and Patriot fans I hope this Superbowl keeps you on a high and your energy up!

Let me know how you like it! Comment below and let me know what other Superfoods would you add?!

Bite Me, With Love

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