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About Me

I’m just a 23 year recent graduate who has been fascinated by the world of healing and health, ever since I was diagnosed with everything under the sun. Through diet, exercise and some much needed guidance of a number of holistic practitioners I am finally on the road to optimal wellness.

I am here to share what has helped me gain health and completely turn my life around. Just like my food I’m an all organic no bullshit kind of girl.  I have come up with my own personalized diet tailored to my specific needs. I eat to optimize my vitamin and mineral levels, I eat to ward off various diseases, stress, and candida, and lastly I eat for energy. This is not a weightloss blog, although I promise if you are currently eating the SAD diet, and give my way of eating a try, weightloss will be a side effect.

My goal is to help others find their optimal health and create their own ideal diets that ward off inflammation. Inflammation is what causes disease, therefor the less inflammation you have, the healthier you will be. On my blog you will find lists of my favorite products that helped detoxify my life, recipes that I use, and tips to being your healthiest you yet!

I also want to teach you about THE FOOD STANDARDS, this is my special way of eating that helps keep me healthy. The Food Standards is not a diet, I hate the word diet, by definition diet is something you do only for a certain period of time, Food Standards is for life. Following The Food Standards means you avoid almost all of the most common food allergies. To learn more about the specific foods you avoid while following the Food Standards Click Here!

I hope you’ll join me along my journey to optimal health.

With Love,


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