My Own Concoctions

The Least Cheesiest Cheese Soup

This “Soup” is so versatile thats why I using quotes around soup, it can be eaten cold or hot, it basically has the consistency of mashed potatoes. So I guess if I wear to describe it, its sort of like a cheesy mashed potato but without the potato or the cheese hah! I promise its delicious! .. At least I think so.. Also if you’ve got candida this is great recipe for you! It has so many of those wonder foodies that help battle those nasties.



  1. Find a medium bowl that you want to eat out of and put in the 6 tbsp of coconut flour
  2. Then add the cup of water *if you want a warm soup add hot water!, MIX WELL, you want a sort of mashed potato consistency so if there chunks of coconut flour add some more water, don’t worry if its a little watery the nutritional yeast will soak up some of the liquid
  3. Then, you guessed it, Nutritional Yeast! Mix it all up again
  4. mince your garlic and add it to the mixture along with the salt
  5. stir everything all up and add salt as needed

Now that you’ve got your mash/soup enjoy! I like mine just with a spoon or try dipping some celery in it! It also goes nice on top of cucumbers with a slice of hard boiled egg!

Let me know if you like this recipe, I’m curious if I’m the only one who would like this or if theres more crazy people out there like me!

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