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Cupping Treatment

If your like me, you’ve tried many alternative methods to get your health back on track, there was one point where I was drinking cattail mixtures from South America to try and remedy my aliments. Lately, I’ve resorted to having needles stuck in my body (acupuncture), and getting at least 8 hours of sleep.. I know CRAZY. But honestly today for most people those 8 hours are a luxury.  But most recently I’ve tried CUPPING!

What is cupping?! Glad you asked, Cupping is a  Traditional Chinese Medicine, healing technique. Your practitioner heats up a glass jar, ( No it doesn’t BURN you), which creates a vacume that basically sucks your skin right up in there! Surprisingly it doesn’t hurt one bit, it just feels tight, kinda like if you tie your pony tail too tight or try and lift up your wrinkles in the mirror. Honestly, if anything, it is VERY RELAXING.

So your probably like… ” ok cool, they stick some hot cups on my back.. but whats the point? Wellll there are many benefits of cupping, I get cupping done to enhance my circulation and pull out excess toxins that my body stores, thanks to my MTHFR gene mutation. If you want to learn more about cupping Natural Living Ideas has a amazingly informative page to checkout.

3-reasons-to-try-cuppingNow I’m sure you’ve seen the beautiful serene photos of people getting cupping done, like this one from Mind Body Green, don’t get me wrong I love this site, but this is not exactly an accurate depiction of cupping. They got the fire right, butttt your skin does not exactly look so … I guess you could say … relaxed.

Pictured below is what cupping really looks like. Yes, bright pink and slightly aggravated, your skin is pulled up into those little jars. Might seem harsh, but like I mentioned it DOESN’T HURT one bit, just feels like a little pull. That pulling is what literally rings out the TOXINS from your body.

Cupping Therapy

Here’s what my back looked like right after she took off the cups…cupping therapy

My back continues to feel relaxed even 3 days after the treatment! So far I haven’t felt any adverse side effects hah… Even the massive red circles, aren’t painful, people just might think I’ve been abducted by aliens, andddd was taken back to their planet, buttttt the benefits are  well worth the weird stares.

Have you heard of cupping before? Do you think you would consider getting it done?! Let me know in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Cupping Treatment”

  1. I have just found your blog and I loved it! 🙂
    I’ve tried cupping and it is great. Apart from removing toxins it helps relax your back when you have some pain.
    Afterwards you feel renewed. I combine it with neural therapy.


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