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Extra Earthing on Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!! I hope  you are giving our planet a little extra loving today and NO, an Instagram post about a pretty tree or flowers DOESN’T COUNT. Get outside and plant a tree, or make it your mission to recycle all those extra plastic bag you may have laying around.

There’s a million earth loving tips I could bombard you with, but I ‘ve decided to go a different route. I’m gonna tell you a little bit about Earthing. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a great way to get connected to … well the EARTH.

Why would you want to get connected to the earth?

  • less stress
  • better sleep
  • a sense of calm
  • reduced inflammation

Just a few of the tooted benefits of earthing…Learn more of the science behind it HERE.

Well know that you know how awesome it is, I’m sure you want to GET TO IT…. but may be overwhelmed by the thought of what you’ll have to do to reep all these lovely benefits. Your probably thinking your going to have to meditate in the forest for 3 hours or go hiking barefoot in the arctic tundra.. but don’t worry it’s much simpler than that.

Simply take off your shoes and socks and go for a walk, in your yard, in your neighbors yard, in the dirt outside your office, or  on the beach in the sand, which is actually the best place to do it. Since its earth day, if see some TRASH on the beach pick it up and take it outta there! Who knows you might save a few sea turtles,( depending on where you live) and I mean they are adorable, who doesn’t want to help save a wittle baby SEA TURTLE!

So give earthing a go on earth day! Feel great, pick up some trash, get connected, and thank the earth for all the delicious food and beautiful goodness she provides!

Let me know how your earthing experience went. I have a funny earthing story about my mom, comment below if you’d like me to share on my next post!

Bite Me, With Love


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