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Buckwheat Pillow

I sleep in a bed every night, with a pillow, and sheets, and a comforter… I hope you do to. That being said, what are all those lovely cushiony, comforting items made out of? I don’t know… and to be honest I don’t want to know. Think CANCER CAUSING flam retardants, chemical laced cotton, or other non natural enemies.

Think about it, we… or at least me, try to  get 8 HOURS OF SLEEP each night. SOO thats at least 8 hours in your bed without even counting the hour or so before you doze off, or that lazy Sunday after a late night, where you spend until about noon debating whether or not you can even leave the bed. FACT: we spend about a third of our day in bed!

Since we do spend a great deal of time in our bed it’s important to make it one of the least toxic places in the house. Obviously, it’s expensive and time consuming to ORGANIFY your sleep station, but starting with a few SIMPLE and not super expensive changes will help reduce the toxin load. Every little bit helps.

Buckwheat Pillow


This week I’m starting with my PILLOW. The air you fill your lungs with, comes from the area around your pillow, we don’t want to breathing in pesticides from cotton or off gases from plasticy types of fabric. According to the Wellness Mama “cotton is one of the dirtiest crops, sprayed with large amounts of pesticides and herbicides during its cultivation and residue of these chemicals remain in finished textile products.” Obviously this is not something we want to be putting our faces on evert night!

For those reasons I am getting myself this, a organic buckwheat pillow! There are different varieties, some better for side sleepers  like this one and others better for back sleepers like this one. The brand I bought mine from has a wide variation of different sizes from twin sized to king sized available on amazon.

Although they might be pricey, ranging from 35- 75$, they are well worth the investment. I love mine so far and think it will be great for the summer heat. Buckwheat pillows are great for those who get to hot while sleeping or experience hot flashes and night sweats. The pillow itself stays cooler than a normal cotton one.

Stay tuned for my next bedroom organic swap. I’m taking it bit by bit, I suggest if you want to improve your sleep and learn to relax you keep up with my organic sleep make over. It won’t just be the bed I’ll be making over!

Just curious, how much would you guys be willing to spend on an organic mattress?

Bite Me, With Love

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