Nobody's Perfect, Partying for the Health Conscious

I’ve Been Drinking

Thats right, these past few weeks I’ve enjoyed a few adult beverages, since I am an adult. And let me tell you, the changes I’ve noticed in my body are drastic. After not really drinking for over a year switching it up has made me realize how much it really can affect my health.

This might not be the same for everyone, and by no means do I think people shouldn’t drink, cuz it is fun as fuck. But I’m just gonna point out to choose your alcohol wisely. After my list of ¬†moaning and growing about my health changes since drinking, I’ve laid out my go to drinks.

So what has changed since I’ve started drinking

  1. My Nails: They’ve got white spots, normally when nails have white spots it means you aren’t getting enough zinc, a mineral that can be depleted from drinking.
  2. My Skin: IS SO DRY, like literal flakes if I don’t lather myself in coconut oil, and I’ve noticed the few wrinkles I do have are looking a bit deeper.
  3. My Throat: I have a constant sore throat, that really hasn’t gone away since I started drinking again
  4. Phlegm: Gross, but true I have way more gunk in my throat and nose, ew.. maybe why I also have a sore throat
  5. Pimples: I probably haven’t had a pimple like a year, and now I’ve got em’, even on my chest and back?!
  6. Cravings: I feel like I just want a lot more salt and even sugar. I can’t seem to resist fruit like I used to. Some fruit is good but I feel like for my past issues with candida I may be over doing it. Not to mention, alcohol + Candida tendencies= No bueno

So I’ve got a few post drinking symptoms but I have been going a little bit over board… hehe Oops.. we all go through phases. It’s Yin and Yang people. Right now I’m in the Yang cycle of my drinking hah.

Although I may be experiences a few negative side effects, the good times that come with these nights are worth a little bit of not feeling to hot. Plus I think I’m starting to learn my best drinking practices, which I’ll outline for you another time. But for now I’ve got a list of my favorite go to drinks and liquors and why I choose em’, plus one of my go to drinks at home!

Healthy Drink Choices

Blondie Bite’s Booze Buying Guide

Ocean Organic Vodka:¬†This is my all time favorite, but it is one of the more expensive ones and is tricky to find, especially if you are actually out at the bars. Just read their ingredient list… can you believe this vodka actually has some minerals in it?!

Potato Based Vodka ( Chopin): I can’t have corn so this is my best option for a gluten free liquor. Plus this brand is somewhat easy to find but really any potato vodka will do for me. Organic is a plus when available.

Organic Tequila ( Uno Dos Tres): Sustainable, organic, and even housed in recycled glass bottles, this tequila is the ultimate choice. Save the environment and avoid gluten one sip at a time.

Unflavored Ciroc: Made with Grapes, Ciroc is one of the more prominent choices avaliable at your typical bar. Usually when having to drink at the bar this is my next best bet if a potato based vodka isn’t available.

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