Your Best Sleep

Organic Sheets

If you read the first post of this series, you probably already have an idea about just how important sleeping in and on natural materials is. This post is dedicated to your sheets. We’re in our sheets for ideally at least 8 hours a night, and hopefully a little bit longer if we include those extra “bed activities”.

Sheets are pretty important to our sleeping experience, most of us drop a decent amount of money for a good pair, whether silk, cotton, satin, or flannel. Everyone has a different fabric of choice, personally I love a good flannel or silk if I’m feeling some type of way and just want to feel like a fancy bitch. Sometimes you just gotta treat yourself to a nice pair of sheets.

Organic Cotton Sheets

Below I’ve listed the healthiest, least chemical laden brands I trust ! So indulge a little, detoxify your bedroom, and enjoy a good nights rest.

5 Favorite Non-Toxic Sheets

Organic Cotton Sheets 

These are queen sized and are priced at 75$ and they have plenty of colors to choosefrom. I really like the army green.

Target’s Line of Organic Cotton Sheets

Can’t bear the thought of spending upwards of hundreds of dollars for organic bedding? Don’t worry our good ol’ friend targét ( say with french accent) has us covered. Right now their organic cotton sheet for a queen sized mattress is on sale for less than 35$!

West Elm Organic Cotton Sheets

West Elm is one of my favorite brands not only do they offer organic bedding and other house accessories, they also feature local artisans in their stores!

Organic Hemp Silk Sheets

From Kelly Green Organic, this company has a great range of product. All unbleached, undyed, and hypoallergenic!


Coyuchi Flannel Sheets Organic Flannel Sheets

Priced at 400$ for a queen sized, these Coyuchi sheets are a splurge, but worth it if you love your flannel as much as me in the winter. Made to last and sure to swaddle you in softness with their softness.



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