My Favorite Booty Workout

I already shared my warm-up on instagram and twitter… pun intended, I thought I’d save the whole thing for those of you who come hang out with me on my blog. I have multiple butt workouts that I rotate between, this one is just my absolute favorite.

This one also usually makes me unable to sit down the next day #goals. Just incase you didn’t catch my warm up I’ve included it below. If I’ve got a decent amount of time I usually do 20 minutes of walking before I begin too just to get my BODY MOVING and in the right mind set.

P.S I even made a handy infographic for ya.. keep scrollin’

The Warm Up

For the warm up you hold each of these exercises for 30 seconds for a total of 4 sets. When I first started this workout I would even feel the burn after the warmup, enjoy the burn bitches.

Hold Exercise
30 seconds Bridge
30 seconds 1 Legged Bridge ( each leg)
30 seconds Side Lying Clam (each side)
30 seconds Birddog ( each side)

The Butt Workout

Weight Reps Exercise
20lbs 20 Front Squat w/ Barbell
N/A 20 Jump Squats
70lbs 12 Weighted Barbell Bridge
30lbs 20 Weighted Hip Thrusts on Bench
N/A 20 Side Lying Heel/ Toe Taps

Best Butt WorkoutThinking I may upload some vids of myself later incase you have no idea what these exercises are referring too. Comment below if you’d like some videos! Maybe I’ll make a whole video of it all.. we will see if I’m feeling that adventurous.. never made a fitness video… gotta channel some Richard Simmons.

Just as important as the workout itself, is the cool down. You want to stretch your muscles afterward, because too tight of hamstrings can actually pull your butt down making it appear saggier than it needs to be. UMM idk about you but if a little bit of stretching can help with a SAGGY BOOTY.. Imma opt for the stretching. Check out some of the best butt stretches below.

  1. Reclining Pigeon: this is my absolute favorite stretch, hold for 30 secs follow the picture
  2. Pigeon: This is just plain old pigeon once again 30 secs, follow the pic
  3. Single Leg Quad Stretch: We all did these in gym class, same deal
  4. Runners Stretch: Look at the pic babeee
  5. Side Lunge: Get those inner thighs, nobody likes tight inner thighs

Another thing I like to do before and after my workouts is foam roll. Learn more about foam rolling in this post. Seriously life will be changed.. READ IT.

Maybe I’ll do some foam rolling videos, they will change your life you will never be sore again… ok maybe thats a lie.. especially if you do this butt workout and keep increasing your weight.

After a big workout what do you need? PROTEIN sooo todays blondie bite is a packed with the stuff. Check out my BACON wrapped avocado chicken breast with avocado for some healthy fats.

Bite Me, With Love


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