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I Took a Cold Shower

Tonight, I’m not sure why… but I decided that I wanted to take a COLD shower. Maybe its partially due to the fact that I’ve been reading some of Dave Asprey’s posts about cryotherapy or that I just had the sudden urge to test my resilience. I once did a week long resilience challenge and on one of the days I had to take a freezing cold shower for 5 minutes. Nothing says you can make it through any fucking thing that comes your way that day like a surviving a 5 minute long cold shower.

If you don’t know who Dave Asprey is, or his brand bulletproof coffee and you are into health, you must be living under a rock. Just to get you hooked here are his posts about cryotherapy…

Anyways back to my cold shower.. it was PHENOMENAL. I’m not sure that there are too many people who would refer to cold showers as phenomenal but thats just the REAL truth. My hair feels softer than after a hot shower, my body feels relaxed, and because the shower was cold my pores stayed closed… so hopefully I absorbed less chlorine and other creepy substances that are floating around in our water today.

I took this shower after one of my favorite hard core booty workouts and a good dry brushing sess. And finished it off by slavering myself in coconut oil mixed with honey. For my face I used my vitamin C serum from one of the brands I love… Eminence. I strongly recommend this brand their citrus lip balm saved my lips one year when I was dealing with really chapped lips from low vitamin b12. I was actually in so much pain it hurt to talk some days, this stuff is legit and had my lips moist and smiling within a week!

After enjoying my cold shower, I was wondering what the benefits of it might be, besides the immediate ones I am currently feeling. Turns out there are PLENTY… Have a gander at the list below.


  1. Resilience: Look at that my resilience week was on to something, turns out cold showers can help with will power. Like I said if you can make it through a cold shower you can make it through anything.
  2. Stress Reduction: Maybe thats why I feel so relaxed, cold showers  boost the levels of noradrenaline in the body, which in turn releases releases more happy hormones into the body.
  3. Promotes Weight Loss: Cold showers can increase your metabolic rate, as it takes your body more energy to stay warm.
  4. Lymphatic System gets a Boost: Your lymphatic system helps to remove cellular waste and protect your body from infections. It can get slowed down by toxins, infections and excess waste products. When lymph vessels are directly exposed to cold they contract and then release when warmed, this movement allows them to flush out waste and perform optimally!
  5. Muscle Recovery: We’ve all heard of ice baths, theres a reason they have been around forever… they work. Like ice baths, cold showers increase circulation, enabling the body to bring essential nutrients to the muscles to help them recover. Hello reduced soreness.

Want to learn more check out => Positive Health Wellness 

You know what is great after a cold shower… some collagen packed BONE BROTH. Check out my recipe HERE.

Would you take a cold shower now that you know some of the health benefits?! Let me know below.

As always…

Bite Me, With Love

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