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Chicken Liver Pâté with Bacon

This is the second liver pâté recipe I’m sharing. If you missed my version with calf liver, check it out here. Liver is a very nourishing food. In almost all countries besides America, organ meats are a big part of the diet, like mochillas in Argentina and cow tongue in Italy. I even used to enjoy a good liver pâté while living over in Belgium.

Needless to say those of us situated in north america are missing out BIG TIME. Not only because when prepared properly these bits can be delicious but also for their nutritional benefits. If you are interested in what exact benefits chicken livers have to offer, scroll down past the recipe!

Chicken Liver Pâté Recipe


– 2 Cups Organic Chicken Livers

– 1 Large Sliced Onion

– 2 Cloves Garlic

– 1 Tbsp Organic Grass Fed Ghee

– 3 Scallions Chopped

– Salt and Pepper to Taste

– Optional: 4 Slices Organic Nitrate Free Bacon

– Optional: Sliced Daikon Radish for ” Chips”



  1. Heat ghee, chicken livers and juices, with garlic, onions, 2 chopped scallions, and salt and pepper in medium sized sauce pan.
  2. Bring to a boil cover and let simmer for 20-25 minutes
  3. While waiting to cook slice up daikon radishes or your preferred dippers, chop remaining scallion, and cook bacon in a pan until crispy.
  4. Once livers are fully cooked, no pink and liquid should have turned a brown color remove from heat and carefully pour into a food processor or blender.
  5. Blend up and garnish with 1 chopped scallion and crumbled bacon bits
  6.  Complete the look with some pretty sliced radishes on the side of a drool-worthy insta photo

If you make liver pretty you will totally forget that you are eating it. Creating a pâté with liver makes it have a texture that your a little more accustom to, as opposed to odd shaped chunks of meat on your plate. Try not to think about what it is but all the goodness that it can bring to your body!

Nutritional Information


For one thing, liver is an awesome source of protein. Anyone looking to retain or gain muscle mass should ensure they are getting an adequate amount of protein in their diet.

Vitamin A

A powerful antioxidant and fat soluble vitamin, vitamin A is responsible for creating healthy glowing skin, and supporting immune function. It’s anti-oxidant properties aid in stoping free radical damage, a cause of premature aging!


Should be an important part of anyones diet. The slew of B vitamins play a role in key functions throughout the body, including methylation. Without getting too deep into the topic, methylation occurs within many different systems of the body, endocrine, immune etc. if it is not properly functioning neither will our systems! The B vitamin, Folate is essential to this reaction and without a sufficient amount these much needed reactions wont take place.

Vitamin B12

Vital for red blood cell formation, everybody needs red blood cells to survive! If not enough red blood cells are present, anemia can develop, causing tiredness, weakness and just a general non-thriving feeling. Vitamin B12 also plays a role in reducing homocysteine. High homocysteine levels have been linked to increased risk of heart disease.


Another nutrient or shall I say mineral, crucial for avoiding anemia. Iron is the substance that carries oxygen around the body, giving your cells energy to complete their tasks and you the energy to make it up the stairs! I used to get winded going up the stairs when I was low in iron, fixed that real quick with changing up my diet and adding in a few supplements.


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