My Own Concoctions

Mexican Veggie Medley

So I like onions, like LOVE onions.. and garlic... I'm just the best on dates. But fuck it I like what I like and if the other human can't deal with my love of garlic and onions... then as I say ... BYEEEEEE. The reason I say this is that this medley is basically just… Continue reading Mexican Veggie Medley

My Own Concoctions

Bacon Wrapped Avocado Chicken Breast

This can't be healthy you must be thinking.. Bacon? Really? I can have bacon and still be healthy? Yes, yes you can. The key is to get organic bacon from my favorite brand, Applegate or a local butcher you know and trust. This Bacon lovers dream is surprisingly simple and quick to make. So it's that easy,… Continue reading Bacon Wrapped Avocado Chicken Breast