My Diet: Better Referred to as Standards

Because Rules SUCK, I don’t like too use the word rules, sounds too restricting, I like to say Standards. It makes me sound like one classy bitch. hah I don’t say “my standards” when I go to restaurants though, I say I have allergies. Ain’t nobody  want spit, hair, or any other bodily fluid in their food.

Heres a bit of my life, literally just last night I went out for a friends birthday to a Mexican Coconut Kefirplace. NOM NOM I LOVE MEXICAN FOOD. Plus most mexican restaurants are the “standards diet friendly” #safezone.  When its my turn to order, before I begin, I tell the waiter “I am complicated human”, and sometimes apologize depending on their reaction, usually its always the girls who are bitches. Girls .. why you gotta be so bitchy?! Anyways. I then tell them my choice (usually a random combo of food they offer) and ask about any of my possible “allergies” that might be in there… I don’t go through the whole list but if I did it would go to the little tune of” NO CORN NO SOY NO PEANUTS NO SUGAR NO GLUTEN NO DIARY NO VINEGAR” #LetMePlayYouTheSoundOfMyPeople and of course preferably organic. Good luck getting that at a restaurant.

I know your probably wondering like W-T-F.. like what is wrong with this bitch?! What can she eat?! Well the answer to both those questions is slightly complicated. To start, I have candida and have been working on healing it since Jan 2016, since I have switched up my diet I have felt so much better like night and day. Heres what I felt like before I started this journey (click on journey) see if you can relate and maybe finding a functional medicine doc or a great nutritionist might be the pathway to you feeling better. But I don’t just have candida I also have slightly low thyroid function, low stomach acid, adrenal fatigue, and a gene mutation that can cause a whole slew of problems.. which deserves it’s own page.

Now what can I eat?! SO MANY THINGS, once I fill up this blog with recipes, you’ll see I am not really lacking in any aspect of diet except for SAD, and nobody would want to be on the SAD diet anyways.. it makes you SAD. The reason I used that big beautiful fruit and yogurt parfait was to get your attention cuz, who doesn’t love a big beautiful dairy and sugar loaded yogurt parfait?! That was what I used to eat, and thought it was so perfectly healthy! Not saying it isn’t but for me at this time, with my conditions it is not.

Today’s Blondie Bite is a…


Heres what I would make today..

Base: Homemade Coconut Kefir

Sweetener: GREEN stevia powder (literally ground up leaf)

Toppings: can keep the mint!, 1/4 blueberries, some coconut flakes, flax and pumpkin seeds! or soaked/sprouted almonds sound pretty good too!

Your probably bummed like “what I can’t have my FAVORITE yogurt parfait stocked with fruits”?! … you can.. if you don’t have the same problems as me, everyone is different, do what your stomach calls for but pay attention to how you feel after 😉