Bite Your Way Back to Life

I’m all about eating healthy, working out and enjoying life, learn more about me here. This blog features some of my favorite recipes, products, workouts and health enhancing tips!

img_6322I started this blog out of necessity. When I began my switch to a healthy lifestyle, I found it hard to find recipes that avoided all of my ingredient no no’s, so I decided to come up with my own.  Positive that, there were others like me who wanted to take their health and diet into their own hands, I created The Food Standards, a name that signifies high quality, no bullshit ingredient recipes. The Food Standards encompasses: No Dairy, Gluten, Soy, Corn, Casein, GMO’s, Pesticides, and low sugar, a standard that every recipe on this blog abides by.

Here you can also find toxin free beauty products, cooking utensils, and some of my favorite products and workouts!  I have done extensive research on all the products I recommend. Everything I use personally or have used in the past, and has been EWG verified with the highest safety rating. If I put it on my body you can trust that is one of the least toxic options available for that product category.

If your looking for the perfect blog telling you about the perfect life, you have come to the wrong place. I’m all about giving you REAL information on REAL food that can help nourish and heal your body. If you want the perfect pretty little blog I’m sure you can find one of the millions of others that are dedicated to cupcakes, or snickerdoodles, or I don’t even know. There really is no sugar coating here, in more ways than one!

Bite Me, With Love


Here’s Just a Taste of What I do

Recipe for Guacamole Sardine dip, I promise it tastes good and is loaded with vitamins!



  • 1 avocado
  • 1 tomato
  • 2 tbsp chopped onion
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1 pack of sardines 
  • squeeze of lime juice (about a tsp)
  • salt and pepper to taste


  1. slice open avocado and spoon into bowl
  2. mince garlic and toss in with the avocado along with salt, pepper, and lime juice
  3. smash that ‘cado and get the flavors all flowing
  4. once thourghly smashed add chopped onion and tomatoes and mix
  5. lastly add in the sardines, season how you like
  6. I use a red bell pepper all sliced up as my dipping utensil!

Now that you mouth is probably watering … said no one ever about sardines, here are the health benefits.

– Hella proteins and when trying to get strong and toned, that exactly what you need

– Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids ( who needs fish oil pills now that you can make this delicious treat!)

-Hands up! …Put down the milk.. sardines are one of the highest sources of calcium, great for those of us who can’t have diary. p.s conventional dairy is full of terrible hormones anyways… AVOID

-Good source of selenium.. you want selenium just fyi. Brazil nuts are a great source too but sardines don’t contain the much debated phytic acid!

Those are just a few added health benefits of sardines, if you want to find out more check out this page.

My Candida Diet Journey

Yoga in the Woods

As many of you know, or maybe you don’t know, I have a condition referred to as candida overgrowth. Candida or yeast, is found in small quantities in everyone’s digestive track, but I have more than most people, thanks to these extra little guys I used to experience all sorts of discomfort, body aches, acne, tiredness, moodiness, digestive issues, even eczema on my scalp and the list goes on. No one could figure out what was wrong with me, I was diagnosed with everything from Fibromyalgia to Lyme Disease. That all changed once I met my fabulous nutritionist, she helped lessen my levels of Candida and get me on track to a happy, healthy, energized life.

Hate to break it to ya…I am not cured, there really isn’t a cure, you will always have to watch your sugar intake, that means carbohydrates included! But I do feel tremendously better. And don’t your worry I’m not a robot, from time to time without too much discomfort, I enjoy a normal human sweet or two, a yummy carb meal, or really just anything my tummy desires. If you want to know more about the way I eat now to maintain my health, click here!

For example if I’m in Italy, I’m going to eat some fucking pizza, I am gluten and dairy intolerance but there are some things in life that should be enjoy. And interestingly enough some people who have actual allergies to these foods have gone to other countries and eaten then with little or no digestive discomfort!.. hmmm AMERICA.. whats that say about our food quality?

I better steer away from that topic because once you get me started on the food in America and the FDA etc. you won’t be able to get me to stop!

Back to Candida, I now eat in a way that I like to call Candida Maintenance. Click the Link to learn more. I do lots of yoga, take multiple supplements and most importantly feel better! Before I started healing I was exhausted, stressed and honestly just a total grump ball. I didn’t feel like myself, I wasn’t exactly depressed but I wasn’t exactly high on life either!  I had mental and physical symptoms but no doctor could figure out what was wrong with me or make me feel better.

If you can relate read more here!


5 thoughts on “Bite Your Way Back to Life”

  1. Aloha

    Love your blog! I was introduced to vital protein year ago…….big difference! My go to everyday. Your blog inspiring!
    Enjoy your blog not because your mom is my cousin!


    1. Aww Hello!! I’m glad you like it! And yes Vital Protein is amazing, for one thing my hair has completely changed since taking it! I hope you enjoy reading the many more posts to come!


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