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My First Expo West

For those of you who don’t know… Expo West is Natural products convention located in Anaheim California! If you love health, all things natural and organic this is the place for you. As a new member of the Primal Kitchen Sales team I got to enjoy this amazing health and wellness mecca for myself!

Basically it’s like Halloween for healthy adult foodies! Like seriously forget Halloween I will now be looking forward to this EVERY year! You bring your favorite tan canvas or recyclable grocery bag and stock up with free goodies from thousands of natural companies.  Expo West show cases supplement, beauty, food and drink retailers alike. All your favorite brands like Primal Kitchen, Four Sigmatic, and Weleda along with exciting brand new or companies who are under the radar.

Expo west is really your chance to get to take a peek at what the future of the natural industry holds while enjoying AMPLE free SAMPLES, great company, the California weather.

This being my first Expo West.. I discover a few essentials to thriving and not just surviving …

1. Not everything at Expo West is healthy |It’s easy to expect that everything at a natural products show would be healthy and beneficial for your body but surprisingly thats not the case. I tried a lot of product the past few days and honestly some of them were LOADED with sugar and unnecessary additives… like citric acid.. ick or potassium sorbate.

2. Not everything is Gluten Free | Same idea as thinking everything is healthy, it’s easy to assume everything is gluten free, but be sure you ask before you sample. I accidentally ate some gluten and corn syrup this weekend! EWWWW  Note to self…. don’t always sample the delicious looking cooking in a healthy food convention.. if it sounds to good to be true.. it probably is. There are of course a few exceptions like Rule Breaker Snacks which are gluten free, dairy free, soy free, corn free, dairy free and egg free! Plus with minimal sugar as far as a occasional dessert treat goes.

3. Wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses | The lights inside most of these conventional halls are less than ideal, usually florescent and have the tendency to cause headaches… especially if you are spending the entire day inside collection all the goodies. I recommend a cute, affordable pair of blue light blocking glasses. They are also great for extended computer work. At only 20 bucks… money well spent!

4. Stay Hydrated | Not only is it better for your health but it’s a great excuse to try more products, the more water you drink the more types of water you will get to try. I tried water from Hawaii, recovery water and water of a range of pH’s.

5. Be Friendly | You never know who you might meet at these sort of conventions! I meet some awesome fellow bloggers and instagram influencers. It’s great when you get to meet some of your favorite “insta friends” in person!

6. Drink Tea and Honey | I found myself loosing my voice around the afternoon of day two. Some good Echinacea tea and organic honey saved me!

7. Get your dose of Vitamin C & Vitamin D3 | You might be in beautiful sunny California but you’ll want to spend most of your day cruising through all the booths, most of which are inside, therefore don’t leave your Vitamin D3 at home! Eating your lunch outside and getting some fresh air is also a good idea. When in a poorly ventilated area with thousands of people Vitamin C is your best friend to ward off any coughs, sniffles or other flu like symptoms.

Did you attend Expo West this year? If so, what are some of your survival tips!?

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