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Gift Guide For the Yoga Lover

We all have that one friend who loves yoga, or maybe you are that one friend, I know I am. But if you don’t know what to get your devoted yoga pal, don’t worry you’ve come to the right place. I’ve compiled a list of everything from yoga accessories to yoga pants that will help keep your favorite yogi stylin’ and as zen as can be this holiday season. Click the links below and get your shopping done today!


toxin-free-yoga-matsNatural Toxin Free Yoga Mats: (38$)You don’t want to have your friend inhaling toxic chemicals while doing their deep breathing. These yoga mats are free of harmful substances, none slip and perfect for hot yoga or pilates!



eco-friendly-yoga-mat Toxin Free Yoga Mat 2 :(20$) Here just a less expensive toxin free yoga mat, this one is only 20$.  This yoga mat is eco friendly and comes in a wide variety of colors.



beach-yoga-matOutdoor Straw Yoga Mat: (20$)I don’t know many yogi’s who don’t from time to time like to take their practice to the beach. This straw mat is great for the outdoor yogi on the go! I want one!!


Yoga Accessories

organic-yoga-mat-cleanerOrganic Yoga Mat Cleaner:(12$) Specially formulated with different essential oils to manifest either energy, a sense of calm, or healing, you choose!  This cleaner even comes with a cute microfiber cleaning towel.



The Yoga Block:(25$) maybe your friend is just starting out and could use a little help this their flexibility, this little guy aid them in different poses that require lots of flexibility! This is even a good boyfriend present to help get him strechin’. Here’s a gift set that even includes a yoga strap, great for those who need a little extra help touching their toes.



tye-die-yoga-headbandsTie Dye Yoga Head Bands: I don’t know any yogi who doesn’t think Tie Dye is cute! these are just some cute little head bands, perfect for any yogi but especially awesome for your hot yogi pal.



Yoga Pants For All

breathable-turqouise-yoga-pants No-Slip Stir-up Yoga Pants:(98$) Every yoga loves adding a new pair of leggings to their closet. This pair has stir-ups to help them from sliding up while practicing. They also have some great colors available too!




organic-yoga-pants Organic Yoga Leggings: (87$)  Made with Organic  Fair Trade Cotton these pants are great for your environmentally conscious yogi. Plus no nasty toxic pesticides can be found in the cotton used to make these pants.




Crazy Fun Yoga Leggings: So I love unicorns, and who doesn’t now -a-days soo these are just some adorable yoga pants with a unicorn on them. There are plenty of other crazy yoga pants you can find on amazon. These were just my fav!

hot-yoga-braYoga Bra (17$): In hot yoga most of us just end up in our sports bras so we obviously want to be wearing a pretty one. Or one that matches our pants! Heres a whole selection of fun colors for any sweat sess!



crop-top-sports-braCrop Top/ Yoga Bra: (42$) This is another great option for yoga, if someone doesn’t like barring it all in yoga class this sports bra offers a little more coverage.

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