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Watermelon Radish

We all love watermelons and are sad to see them go out of season now that the seasons are changing, but have no fear, there is still a beautiful fall/winter appropriate watermelon we can sink out teeth into.. Its the Watermelon Radish!


Its arguably more pretty than your plan old watermelon and packed with more nutrients, minerals and other goodies that will help keep your body in shape all fall and winter long!

Below are the 6 Health Benefits of Watermelon Radishes!One non health benefit is the benefit they will have on your Instagram.. hello insta-pretty food!

  • Watermelon radishes have a high phytochemical profile including zeaxanthin, lutein and beta-carotene. Zeaxanthin is known for helping protect our eyes from blue light which can eventually lead to oxidative damage of the retina. Lutein is an antioxidant that protects against free radical damage, it is also known to fight again skin cancer. Lastly beta carotene, another antioxidant know for its benefits for eye health due to its role as a precursorto vitamin A.
  • Watermelon radishes are a rich source of vitamins. A 1-cup serving includes 11 milligrams of vitamin C, 8 milligrams of vitamin A and 1.08 milligrams of niacin.

Health Benefits of Watermelon Radishes

  • They have a 25 mg of folate as well. Folate is not only an essential vitamin for pregnant women it is also important or the general population. Folate helps manage a homocysteine, a amino acid that in too high of quantities can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. We all want a healthy heart so start chomping on some watermelon radishes!


  • They are packed with minerals! Especially Phosphorus ( 43mgs in a serving!) Phosphorus is important for growth and repair of our body’s cells and tissues. It is also an important mineral in the ATP cycle which helps to generate energy that our cells rely on to function.


  • Watermelon radishes are also a good source of magnesium, a mineral that many of us today are deficient in! Ensuring you have the appropriate amount of magnesium can help regulate anxiety and constipation… Two things AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR.


  • Eating watermelon radishes also offers you 33 milligrams of potassium, bananas are’t the only potassium powerhouses. Not to mention watermelon radishes have way fewer calories and sugar than a serving of banana. What is potassium good for exactly? Well, it helps to balance your water levels ( goodbye leg cramps) and aids in muscle metabolism. watermelon-radish.jpeg

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