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How to Healthy-ify Your Burger

I’ll be the first to admit, every once and a while I do love a GOOD BURGER. Maybe its the nostalgic feeling I get as I bite into a juicy patty and am instantly brought back to warm summer nights with the fam or its my body calling out for some heme IRON, either way, I love my plants, but I can’t resist a good burger.

Thanks to McDonalds and other similar FAST FOOD establishments, the burger has gotten a bad rap. Sure pink slim and burgers made out of horse are bad, but a home-cooked patty with carefully added  “burger accessories” can actually be a very HEALTHY meal. Below I’ve listed several ways you can make one of America’s favorite foods health enhancing rather than the converse.

How to Make a Healthified BurgerChanges

Bun: You’ve got a few options here, not stray too far from the typical burger, or go all in and opt for a much lighter bun option

Lettuce Leaves: great if your trying to CUT CARBS and/or avoid processed foods

Gluten Free Buns: like  Paleo Bread from Julian Bakery  or make your own <=these are a real crowd pleaser, especially for the men in our lives

Cheese: If you prefer to follow The Food Standards and be DAIRY FREE, then I have listed your best options below. HOWEVER I realize not everyone is willing to give up the dairy so if choosing dairy be sure to buy high quality cheeses to avoid excess hormones.

Homemade Zucchini Cheese: check out the recipe here!

Soy Free Vegan Cheese Options: Kite Hill is my favorite with only a few ingredients.

Ketchup: Most conventional ketchups are chucked full of… you guessed it.. SUGAR! Here are some of my favorite alternatives to the classic Heinz. SIDE NOTE if doing a candida diet protocol use Fresh Raw Live Ketchup it’s vinegar free

Meat: I’ll say it again and again.. Buy ORGANIC meat, out of everything it is the most important, if your gonna eat meat ORGANIC, ORGANIC, ORGANIC. Even better if you know the farmer!

Organic Grass Fed Ground Beef : Head to your local farmer and find out how he raises his animals or Whole Foods and most supermarkets carry an organic grass fed beef option.

Bacon: Another important one to be sure your going organic anddd NITRATE FREE. The brands listed below are nitrate free and very low or no sugar. Often sugar is added to bacon. One day I’ll go over how bacon itself really isn’t bad for people, it’s all the extra gunk. If you don’t eat pork or wanna go leaner, opt for turkey bacon

Applegate Organics: This is a great company, they are super open about their farming practices and their bacon is delicious!

Just a few extra ways to make your burger even healthier!

Minced Garlic: Antibacterial, antimicrobial, antioxidant, what can’t garlic do?! Mince up a few cloves and add them to your meat mix before cooking to reap the benefits. *Tip: leave minced garlic out for 10 minutes before cooking to get the most out of it’s nutrients!

2 Tsp Turmeric Powder: We all praise that little orange root, try adding some powder to your patty when your mixing all your spices in the meat, every little bit helps! *just don’t forget the black pepper, which helps increase turmeric’s bioavailability.

Kimchi: Only for the real health food fanatic, think of it as a replacement for the much loved pickle

A tid bit from MY BROTHER:  Instead of normal FRIES have some sweet potato fries as a side!… I’ve got the whole family healthifying now!

Tell me about a family favorite that you’ve been able to tweak into a healthier version in the comment section below!


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