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Radioactive Smoothie Bowl

Bowl… drink.. smoothie…. Idk whatever you want to call it… I make it in a blender so part of me wants to call it a drink, but I eat it out of a bowl so the other part of me wants to just call it a bowl.. haha I can’t decide… I think I’ll stick with the term bowl.

On to the bowl.. It’s full of vitamins, minerals, and leaky gut healing collagen protein. Your probably wondering why it is so vibrantly green.. its cuz it has lots of spinach in it! Lets hear if for a nice healthy dose of IRON ( which many women, especially menstruating, are deficient it!). Plus the addition of camu camu powder (vitamin C) makes the iron more likely to be absorbed by the body. Theres your health tid bit for the day haha

On to the recipe….





  1. Pour water into blender and add stevia, vanilla extract, a little salt and camu camu
  2. Then add celery and spinach
  3. BLEND on high speed till well mashed, add more water if not liquidy
  4. Switch blender to  a low speed and slowly poor in gelatin powder 1 tbsp at a time
  5. Once all gelatin has been added set blender to high for about 20 seconds, then transfer liquid to bowl.
  6. Place bowl in refrigerator for about an hour or for a quick 10 minutes in freezer if you don’t feel like waiting. Just be sure to check on it!
  7. Remove from fridge or freezer and it should have a sort of jelly like consistency, add your toppings!

Have you tried any other toppings than the ones I’ve mentioned? Let me know below!!

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