Dealing with Candida

Candida Overgrowth Lifestyle Tips

I’ve complied a list of tips, tricks, and products that helped me get through Candida overgrowth. You can read more about my journey with Candida here.But since I feel like I’ve had such great success with my candida recovery I thought I would give you guys some tips and products  I used, and still use till this day! I know follow something called My Food Standards check it out! P.S. The links are affiliate so I make a tiny profit, like 3o cents hah! But I would appreciate if you used them so I can keep finding more products to share and also maintain my expensive organic diet hah!

Keep in mind this is what worked for me and might not be the same for everyone, I wish you the best of luck and am always willing to answer any questions!


1. NO SUGAR: super important, like not even fruit, I don’t care what anyone says, don’t eat fruit. I didn’t have a bite of fruit for like 6 months, and I still don’t really eat fruit. The sugar is just not worth it for me. My lips sometimes get all crackling ( candida) if I go overboard with the fruit. I didn’t even have stevia, plus now when I do its only the green kind, for the first two months. It helped me forget that there was even such a thing as sweet.Egg Photography

2. Eat Super Basic Things: for your first 3 months, really just stick to the basics, meat and veg. Don’t try and get fancy with coconut flour, gluten free pastas or too many nuts and seeds. This is the time for your body to jumpstart healing, non-starch veggies are some of the best things you can eat. Don’t forget to eat them with a fat, like coconut oil or avocado oil, or even Ghee!

3. Test your IgGs and IgEs: These are food intolerances and allergies, test both because even intolerances can affect your gut health! I did mine and found out that my hunch was right, I was intolerant to gluten and dairy! Plus another of others. Intolerances don’t last for ever after healing your gut re-test your IgEs and you may find your numbers have lowered and can enjoy some of your favorite foodies again!

4. Relax: A lot easier than it sounds, but relaxing and slowing down helps your body to heal. When your sympathetic nervous system ( fight or flight response) is constantly turned on, your body won’t be putting its energy to helping you get rid of your candida it will be trying to help you pass your next exam or get your large work project done on time. You obviously still have to do these activities but take them slowly and don’t be so hard on yourself.

5.Sweat!: This one is a little bit fun, or atleast I think so. Go walking, lift some weights, or get your butt in a nice infrared sauna, it doesn’t matter, JUST SWEAT. Your skin is your body biggest organs and sweating is one of the best ways the body can detoxify. But don’t over-do it on the exercise, you want your body to not be stressed so it can focus on healing your gut. If you don’t like using public saunas you can even get your own home infrared sauna! This  sauna is portable and pretty cheap, and this other sauna is a little prettier but with a higher price tag.

6. Food Journal: This I seriously recommend. For one thing it helps you tune into how you feel after, before and while you eat, second it always helped me keep track of my supplements. At one point I was on about 10 a day that I would have to take multiple times at different times, just very confusing. Get a cute little journal like this adorable Coco Chanel quote one or this simple Be the Change Leather covered one. This is actually the brand of journal I have, I love mine 🙂 Its the perfect size for carrying around all day.


7.Heal Your Mind: If your interested in Traditional Medicine at all, you know you also have to heal your mind while healing the body to really feel better. I wrote in my journal almost everyday about my feelings and emotions. According to Chinese medicine a lot of physical symptoms manifest from imbalanced or suppressed emotions. Plus then you can see what emotions you are experiences and what body system they coincide with, with this knowledge you can find food/herbs that will support that organ and lead to better health overall! Plus YOGA/ BREATH BITCHES!

8.Sleep: This one was hard for me, cuz I like to be going going, but clocking in around 8 hours every night really helps me feel my best. Plus it helps your body reset for the next day. Some of your bodies best work is done while your sleep, your livers prime time is between 1-3 am so you want to be sure your getting restful Z’s then. This will help your liver be able to tackle all your extra candida toxins.

9.Cook: Learn how to cook, this is pretty important for the candida diet, you want to be cooking most of your food at home and not going out to eat. Save this for special occasions.  You never know where you food comes from when its at a restaurant

10. Eat organic: or at least always eat the dirty dozen organic and your meats. This is super important your body is already being overloading from the toxins be released as your candida is dying, so you want to try and lessen your toxic load as best as you can. I only eat organic foods, I won’t go near anything thats not, unless I’m on vacation and can’t help it.

11.Invest In Some Non-Toxic Cookware: Same idea as the organic foods, lessen your toxic load by detoxing your kitchen! And that doesn’t mean go buy something with the word green in it. All those pans that claim to be a healthy nonstick.. ehh I wouldn’t trust it, nonstick is still nonstick and the chemicals, that right now are called safe ( who knows about the future) will seep into your food. When I cook I use stainless steel, good old cast iron, earthen ware (like clay.. so obsessed.. more about that later), and glass… I  have the set in the link and it is sooo useful and only 15$! This is just the starting point I will have more comprehensive lists of my cooking utensils someday soon.. but its crunch time at school hah!

12.See a Qualified Practitioner: I did a lot of healing on my own, but I couldn’t have even begun this journey without my Nutritionist Krystal Ross.  Seriously go check out her website, she really changed my life, I would probably still be exhausted, loosing my hair, feeling constantly cold and always getting sick without her! She was very helpful when it came to which supplements to take and which are best to kill off excess candida. Because doing too many supplements for too long, especially anti-micorbioals, can be harmful to the gut so you want to be sure you have a set routine and time frame.

13. Get To It!: Don’t say your gonna start tomorrow or next week or next month, just start. Even if you make small changes you will be on your way to healing

So thats it for now. One of these days I’ll come up with a REAL GOOD LIST, think I’ll even break down to food, lifestyle, and mental well being. I spend hours researching this stuff, mostly because I love it and find it so interesting so I would love to share all my findings with all you other candida sufferers ❤

Comment and let me know what else you’d like to learn or if you have any specific things you want me to go over! I’m not a doctor but I’ve been on this Candida path for a while and I would say I have been successful in feeling better.

Today’s Blondie Bite is very simple because thats how you should be eating. I, to be honest, at this probably every morning for a good 4 months .. no joke and it is still my favorite breakfast till this day. Its simply 2-3 eggs how ever you like, 1 cup spinach ( steamed), and a tsp of turmeric, salt and pepper to taste!

Bite Me, With Love



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