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While some of you out there may be fully embracing your inner wild woman, witch, wizard, caveman or whatever you may like to call it, others of us have yet to catch on to burning sage in every room of the house each morning or using shungite to protect us from harmful EMF rays. And yes, shungite is actually a stone that is thought to help protect us from EMF rays, ie the harmful energies emitted from our electronic devices.

They actually make shungite attachment stones for phones, in honesty I have considered it myself, I like to embrace my inner wild woman every once and a while. But today we are here to talk about EARTHING, something that is a little easier to wrap your head around. Plus it’s a very enjoyable activity to add into your busy fitness junkie schedule.

Earthing has all sorts of benefits! Some of its recorded benefits include reducing inflammation and chronic pain, improving sleep, increasing energy, lowering stress, improvement of blood pressure and flow, protects us from EMF rays and help support adrenal health. All of which are directly related to detoxifying the body from heavy metals, environmental pollutants and free radical damage. Lastly and especially interesting for all you gym gods, it is even theorized earthing shortens recovery time from injury or activity ( i.e weight lifting), HELLO GAINS.

And, well all know less stress mental and physical means less cortisol and more focus on muscle building and fat burning. No matter what your health goals, earthing can support you.

So, now your probably like cool, earthing has all these great benefits but how do I do it. Simple, take off your shoes and socks and walk on the bare ground, like yes outside in your dirt or grass for an hour or so. Even just walking around your house without shoes or socks for 2-3 hours a day is considered beneficial, even walk around your friends house without shoes or socks, it doesn’t matter, just go barefoot!

Earth DayThe best place for earthing is actually on the sand, hello great excuse for a romantic stroll on the beach. Next time your significant other is begging for a DATE NIGHT and you just want to go get your pump on, take them for a walk on the beach. They will be impressed by your romantic gesture and you’ll be happy to know that you are helping your muscles recover/ heal your body.

Now your probably into this whole earthing thing but for you to actually try it I’m sure you want some science, some blog on a supplement website is probably not enough to convince you. So heres the science, in todays world our bodies are being bombarded with POSITIVE IONS, thanks toall of our much loved technological advances. In our bodies we want a balance between the positive and negative electrons, many of us today are harboring and excess of positive ions. Positive ions are a similar concept to free radicals, they create damage and inflammation inside the body.

Essentially, positive particles destabilize us, by allowing our feet to come in contact with the earth, which is full of negatively charged ions, we neutralize these positive ions bringing our body back into balance. When your body is not in BALANCE you are not functioning at your optimal level! Now take off your shoes and try some earthing today, although maybe not in the gym I don’t want you dropping any barbells on your toes!

And just P.S if your still not convinced many Olympic athletes, Tour de France competitors, and marathon runners actually practice Earthing too!

Comment Below and let me know how earthing went for you! Or even if you think this stuff is totally wack, I would love to know your opinion. Would you even try earthing?

Bite Me, With Love

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